A little Asian sunshine under the London rain. (Feb 19 2011)

In the past three years I have travelled to different countries in Asia (mainly southeast Asia). I loved the countries I visited so far, some of them like India were a true challenge for a shopaholic like me, granted the very reasonable prices in these countries (which is another reason why I like travelling to Asia so much!)  make it very easy to be shop crazy!

I initially didn’t have the intention of buying pillowcases in almost every country I visited but that’s how it almost turned out to be.

I place them mostly on the sofa and they remind me of the beautful places that I’ve seen and they give a nice touch of color to the room, and in days grey and gloomy like this bright colors are something that I really appreciate.

So here there are some of the ones that I have in display at the moment:

From India, New Delhi, bamboo fibre I think

Also in red and green, love it!From Cambodia (silk) left and Burma (right)

From Burma

This one was bought in a street market and is actually one of my favourites!

That’s all, hope you like them!

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