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Hair & Skin at Boots-Part I

Last Saturday after meeting some friends to have afternoon tea at Covent Garden I decided to do a little trip to one of the Boots in Oxford Street to spend a couple of coupons that I had been keeping in my wallet  for a while… That was the excuse at least.

Of course I end up buying more stuff…

I don’t know if this happens to you as well. I go into Boots or Superdrug with some clear list of the things I want to buy but with the intention of having a quick look around…then I start seeing all these things that I’ve seen lately on other people’s blogs and decide to give them a go…

Half an hour (being optimistic here…) later I emerged from the store with a (sometimes huge) bag full of products… Some will power for me, please!

Anyway, these are what I bought.


First, the whole purpose as I said of going into Boots was to get some discounted N7 products, which I feel are on the pricier end of drugstore products, so I used two £5 off coupons.

Lift & Luminate Day Cream

As I mentioned in my latest post I think, I used  the night cream version of this before and was pretty happy with it. My skin is not as firm as it was (damn aging!) and for some reason in winter it becomes more obvious to me.

I  now use the Olay Regenerist 3 point treatment cream, the one with the red pot (pssst, buy it from Amazon, much cheaper and free delivery!) together with the new serum.

So I decided to get it for day instead. I don’t remember any spectacular result with the night cream  but my skin did look more radiant. So I hope this in combination with the Olay serum (which I use night and day before applying cream) will do the job. I’ll keep you posted.

Please bear in mind that I’m in my late 30’s. I think all these products I’m mentioning will be way too thick for girls in their 20’s…

N7 Color Calming Primer

I saw this in supercute’s Sophie’s Blog (Sophie’s Choice, link on the sidebar) and since I have broken capillaries around my nose and some in my cheeks ( I believe this is the payoff too many crazy sun sessions in my youth…) decided to try it.

This is scary green so I use a tiny dollop only on those areas that I need it. I still need concealer after this but I think it evens out the color and the primer does the trick. I’ve noticed since I’ve been using it my (mineral powder) foundation stays put for much longer (before it just disappeared at the end of the day).

For £6 with the coupon I think this is a pretty good deal.

I will wait for another coupon to try the Shine control primer, which I’ve heard from a Youtuber (dianeuk01) that works really well.

I also bought these…

Neutrogena's Multi-Defence wipes and scrub

After how much I liked the Deep Clean range and since I’ve finished those (check out My Gone Baby Gone posts)  I decided to try these new ones.

The wipes are great as usual. Have plenty of product (unlike the St Ives or the Superdrug sensitive ones) and leave you with a clean skin.

Haven’t tried the scrub yet.

Check out the rest of the haul in my next post!

Have you tried any of these?

How do you like them?

Have a lovely Sunday!

Gone Baby Gone-Part I

It’s not very often (actually it is VERY rare) that I happened to finish a product. Most often than not I get bored with things and moved to the next one before I finish something.

That’s why whenever I DO finish something I feel it must be that the  product either stands out for whatever reason or it’s really something I use daily or both.

So for the past few months instead of throwing away the empty stuff  I’ve been finishing up  I decided to keep it with the purpose of showing them in a post and sharing them with you.

So here they are:

Gone, gone gone!

One by one:

Neutrogena's Deep Clean range

These have been great this past summer. The wipes are moist and get the dirt away leaving your skin fresh and moist. The scrub is very good too. I used it everyday  in the shower and has that minty/fresh feel that I love in a scrub. I saw both being recommended in Youtube by girls with flawless skin and when I saw it in Boots I thought I’d try it. Great choice! It didn’t erase the flaws from my skin but it left it clean and fresh.

Tresseme mousse Curl Defining

I’ve talk about this one before. I like how it leaves my curls (well, defined, yes) when I need to blow dry my hair (which now is almost every time I wash it because otherwise it takes ages to dry…).

Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle

This was recommended by a good friend. And I’m not sure about miracles but this conditioner surely leaves my hair supersmooth and silky the way no other does. The next one I will try is the one for frizzy hair. If you haven’t tried it you should definitely give it a go. Look for the 2 for £6 offers in Boots or Superdrug (which run quite often).

More to come tomorrow.

Which products have you finished up lately?


I don’t  know about you…but I’m LAZY!…


I’m always looking for products that are going to make my life easier and wipes are just for  that!

Wipes! Wipes! Wipes!

I use them to remove my make up and nail polish (they are great for this, much less hassle and more efficient than cotton pads).

Above pictured are the ones I’m using now.

I also used Baby Wipes (cheapys from Sainsbury’s or Superdrug’s own brand)  to clean stupid food/ baby fluids stains (I have a niece and baby nephew whose main purpose in life seems to be to stain my clothes!) Kidding, they are the most precious thing in the world to me but they do stain my clothes, it’s a fact!

Like so many other things I discovered the nail polish remover wipes in the US, and I was very happy when I also saw them in the UK (I didn’t see them in Spain , where I’m from, last time I checked but maybe they do have them now…)

Anyway, they are very very efficient to remove those nice red, bright pink and dark purple polishes that I like but are nightmare to remove with cotton pads.

Cutex and Relex Nail polish Remover wipes

I always try to get them with some nourishing stuff (same as plain old nail polish remover anyway). The Relex ones I got them in Canada. They have this slightly ragged red pad that is a wonder to remove reds and dark colours. With one of these you get off everything on both your hands or feet which I think it’s pretty good.

I also use the cooling ones in the summer, specially when I travel to warmer latitudes (like soon! but that’s for another post though).

Cool Cool Wipes

To remove my make up I’m currently using the St Yves but I don’t really like them that much, not a lot of product n them . But I got them in Superdrug as part of a 2 for 1 thing so (less than 4 pounds for both I think). Won’t be buying them again.

Neutrogena Deep Clean wipes and Sainsbury's Skin Therapy wipes for sensitive skin

I recently bought the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wipes because I have the scrub from that range and I absolutely love it. It’s very refreshing and perfect for this warm summer we’re having in London this year.

Haven’t tried the wipes yet but hopefully they are as good as the scrub!

I also use  Neutrogena’s moisturizing wipes (not pictured) when I’m in Madrid, where my parents live, because it’s sooooo much drier there compared to London than my skin needs extra moisture there.

I really like the Sainsbury’s Skintherapy wipes (what can I say, I like cheapys). They are SOAKED in product and aren’t irritating at all unlike some others (and more expensive!) I’ve tried.

Voila! That’s all!

Which are your favorite wipes?