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Superdrug is my drug!

Last Friday I had no plans after work so I decided to “get lost” in Superdrug. I love going through the different aisles and discover new things at the same time I picked up some of my regular routine hair/make up products.

Here’s what I bought:


My latest Superdrug haul


My old time favourites:

Simply Pure Superdrug’s eye makeup remover


Superdrug's Simply pure makeup remover


This works wonders without irritating my eyes. I now the toner as well. And it’s cheap! What else can ask for?

-Tressemme Curl Hair mousse


Tresseme's Curl Defining mousse


Very efficient in taming the frizz of my curly hair

-Also bought some new wipes I want to try out, also from Superdrug’s brand:


Simply Pure's gentle facial wipes


Optimum eye makeup remover pads

Revlon’s ColorStay eyeshadow quad and single eyeshadow:


Revlon ColorStay eyeshadows



Quad: Gems in Jewels



Single eyeshadow: Peacock Lustre


Very nice colors, love them! Not sure about the 12h stay though, even on top of my beloved ELF mineral primer…but they last a decent amount of time.

-A Nivea lip balm in Pearly Shine: very nice shimmery balm although a bit dry, perfect with some lip gloss on top

-And last but not least…some metallic Barry M nail polish! (was trying to find a nice dupe for OPI’s Louvre me Louvre me not)


Miss Sporty and Barry M metallic nail polishes (with flash)



Nice colors! (without flash)


The Barry M colors are Navy in 292 and Wild Purple in 161. Cannot read the color on Miss Sporty’s bottle though.

I have to say that I’m still in awe of these cheap Barry M  polishes 2 for £5). I just had navy on my nails and it lasted for 5 days without almost any chips, had great coverage with only one coat and with two the finish was flawless.

Cannot wait to wear the purple ones but I’m giving my nails a break…Not sure how long I’ll resist wihout painting them again!


True Blues

Today I’ve been experimenting with blue nail polishes (and a little bit of green).

I’ll start with the green. It’s the Barry M polish in “Spring Green”.

Barry M in Spring Green

I decided to paint only one nail just to see the color. It is a nice green with some blue undertones…but then realized I wasn’t in the mood for green after all.

Went for some blues and painted the rest of my nails in Rimmel’s 60 seconds polish in 825 “Sky High”.

Nails in Barry M green (pictured) and Rimmel's Sky High blue

The Rimmel polish doesn’t photograph well for some reason. It’s more of a dark turquoise with some hints of teal but in the picture is just seem a pale blue.

Really pretty blue.

In the end I went all blue but tried Barry M’s 291 “Cobalt Blue” on top of the green (crazy combinations, I don’t know what got to me today).

Barry M in Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is darker on the nail (probably due to the green base) than in the bottle. I definitely want to try it on its own. But it will probably look better on darker or tanned hands. Hopefully after my holidays…

Just another picture to show you how the Rimmel bottle looks like:

Rimmel in Sky High

It is really disappointing that I didn’t manage to capture the turquoise in this color. I guess you should go to their website to check the real color but it’s definitely worth checking it out. I got a lot of compliments on the color the first time I tried it.

I’ll leave the darker blue on my nail, it looks a little more edgier that way. It reminds me of a blue polish that I used to wear about long time ago. My then thesis director when he saw me wearing blue nails said” My wife’s car is that color by the way”. It was probably too much for the lab at that time. Now I really don’t care whether people like it or not (but in fact I’ve only heard praises so far).

These nail polishes were £2.50 (BarryM as part of 2 for £5 in Superdrug) and I think there was a simiar offer in Boots for the Rimmel polishes (I also got “Grey Matter” that same day).

So really affordable.

Voila! Experiment is over!


I don’t  know about you…but I’m LAZY!…


I’m always looking for products that are going to make my life easier and wipes are just for  that!

Wipes! Wipes! Wipes!

I use them to remove my make up and nail polish (they are great for this, much less hassle and more efficient than cotton pads).

Above pictured are the ones I’m using now.

I also used Baby Wipes (cheapys from Sainsbury’s or Superdrug’s own brand)  to clean stupid food/ baby fluids stains (I have a niece and baby nephew whose main purpose in life seems to be to stain my clothes!) Kidding, they are the most precious thing in the world to me but they do stain my clothes, it’s a fact!

Like so many other things I discovered the nail polish remover wipes in the US, and I was very happy when I also saw them in the UK (I didn’t see them in Spain , where I’m from, last time I checked but maybe they do have them now…)

Anyway, they are very very efficient to remove those nice red, bright pink and dark purple polishes that I like but are nightmare to remove with cotton pads.

Cutex and Relex Nail polish Remover wipes

I always try to get them with some nourishing stuff (same as plain old nail polish remover anyway). The Relex ones I got them in Canada. They have this slightly ragged red pad that is a wonder to remove reds and dark colours. With one of these you get off everything on both your hands or feet which I think it’s pretty good.

I also use the cooling ones in the summer, specially when I travel to warmer latitudes (like soon! but that’s for another post though).

Cool Cool Wipes

To remove my make up I’m currently using the St Yves but I don’t really like them that much, not a lot of product n them . But I got them in Superdrug as part of a 2 for 1 thing so (less than 4 pounds for both I think). Won’t be buying them again.

Neutrogena Deep Clean wipes and Sainsbury's Skin Therapy wipes for sensitive skin

I recently bought the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wipes because I have the scrub from that range and I absolutely love it. It’s very refreshing and perfect for this warm summer we’re having in London this year.

Haven’t tried the wipes yet but hopefully they are as good as the scrub!

I also use  Neutrogena’s moisturizing wipes (not pictured) when I’m in Madrid, where my parents live, because it’s sooooo much drier there compared to London than my skin needs extra moisture there.

I really like the Sainsbury’s Skintherapy wipes (what can I say, I like cheapys). They are SOAKED in product and aren’t irritating at all unlike some others (and more expensive!) I’ve tried.

Voila! That’s all!

Which are your favorite wipes?

Nail Polish Mania

I cannot believe it. Only a  few months ago I could walk along the make up  aisle of Boots or Superdrug and never stopped even for a second to check out nail polishes…

What has happened to me?

Barry Mania

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a nice bright red/coral and the next thing I remember was having 4 different shades in my hand and was unable to decide which one to pick so decided to buy them all (after all each were only less than 3£ so I wasn’t exactly breaking the bank…).

Pretty colours, eh?

The colours are:

Spring Green n 290

Fuchsia n 302

Bright Red n 262 (have reviewed this already in a previous post)

Revlon Red Carpet Glam (mini nail polish)

I haven’t used the first two but so far I’m seriously impressed with Barry M nail polishes. Very easy to apply and last a whole week which has never happened to me before even with much more expensive polishes.

The Red Carpet Glam was  easy to apply. I love the color. More coral than  Bright Red although I think it would look better on me if I was a bit more tanned. On my nails it only lasted a couple of days before it started chipping which was a real pity…

Revlon Red Carpet Glam

I thought, OK, now I have four pretty colours, I don’t need any more to last the summer (together with the ones I already have…)

But then again…

I saw this 2 for 5£ for n17 polishes last weekend at Boots…

I tried to resist but…

These are the ones I bought:

17 High Gloss nail polish in Shynx: Nice golden/bronze polish. Wore it a couple of days ago and got some complimemts. Unfortunately, it chipped after only one day…

17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Royal Indigo: Dark Purple. Very pretty color. Haven’t tried yet so will see how much it holds. I’ll add an update when I wear it.

My new nail polishes

Natural Collection nail color in Hibiscus. Another bright pink. I just swatched it on one of my fingers and was happy to see it is very similar to an old shade that I have that was getting too old and thick. I think it will look great on my toes! Cannot wait to wear it this weekend…

I think I should stop now…

How many nail polishes did you buy over the last month?

Superdrug I love you!

So I couldn’t resist. I went shopping yesterday with a friend in Covent Garden here in London. Just wanted to buy something for my dad (as usual late birthday gift), my supercute niece and nephew and check ou the new Banana Republic store. I really liked BR when I was living in NYC (sniff!). Still have the “luxe card” although I obviously don’t use it anymore. So I was really excited when I saw they were opening in London and now they even have more than one store. I force myself not to go to the one in Regent street though because I know my will power will fail me…

Anyway! Got slightly off the topic here… Had just done my shopping (just a GAP belt for me, nothing at BR! I could resist but mainly because my friend didn’t let me go all crazy). My friend dropped me off near my local supermarket because I had to do some grocery shopping…

Thought I was safe from more temptations…

When I was crossing the street I saw in the corner of my eye my local Superdrug store…It had been a while…so I thought why not?

I started looking for  eye make up remover. I use liner and mascara everyday (not a whole lot, quite natural look) and lately I had been sufering a bit from “panda eyes”: my regular make up remover lotion (very good for sensitive skin like mine:  “Purete Thermale”  from Vichy) couldn’t get rid of all my eye make up. I know I can easily get it off the next day in the shower.  But sometimes when I try to remove it before bed I rub  my eyes with more product they seem to get a  bit irritated. The leftover makeup doesn’t bother me that much. It’s mainly the stingy eyes…

So I was in the hunt for some cheap eye make up remover for sensitive eyes preferably.

I checked the Simple range, I don’t have yet try anything of that brand but I like the fact that they don’t use tons of chemicals. Then I saw the new Superdrug line for sensitive skin “Simply pure”. It is supposed to be gentle and is free from the usual suspects that give problems to sensitive skin: fragance (I’m not used to fragance-free products so I keep trying to see how it smells! stupid!) and parabens (chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties).

Simply Pure Make up remover

I tried it yesterday night even if I wasn’t wearing any makeup. I poured so much on my cotton pad that I decided to try it on the rest of the face to get rid of London’s dirt. The pad was almost black! (true I am self-tanning so that always leaves lots of residue). No stinging, no irritation, pleasantly suprised. I still have to try when I’ll be wearing eye shadow and mascara . It says in the label it is supposed to remove even waterproof mascara ( I don’t use that but we’ll see…)

The best thing last: it’s price! £1.49 for 150ml

Quite happy with it sofar.

Other things that I bought: St Yves wipes. There was a promotion buy one get one free so I got two different kinds: the “Gentle Facial Cleanising wipes” (with soothing aloe and fragance free)£2.99 and the Refreshing “Facial Cleanising wipes” (with calming chamomile) (obviously free!). I got the latter thinking on my upcoming trip to southeast Asia in August which will likely be very warm and extremely humid.

Pretty good deals. I’m a happy woman.

Update July 03.2010 (St. Yves wipes): Due to the unusual warm weather I tried the refreshing wipes looking for…something refreshing…was very dissapointed. Didn’t feel refreshed at all and wipes were quite dried out already (even the first one!) I guess I was looking for the effect of ~Neutrogena Deep Clean minty scrub~ but no, nowhere near that…Will try Neutrogena’s Deep Clean refreshing wipes next time…

Update July 03.2010 (“Simply pure” eye make-up remover): Keep loving this. Use it all over my face everyday to remove face make up (but I’m not wearing foundation these days, just eye make up, concealer and bronzer, my summer’s easy (and fast!) make up routine. Looooove this.