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I don’t  know about you…but I’m LAZY!…


I’m always looking for products that are going to make my life easier and wipes are just for  that!

Wipes! Wipes! Wipes!

I use them to remove my make up and nail polish (they are great for this, much less hassle and more efficient than cotton pads).

Above pictured are the ones I’m using now.

I also used Baby Wipes (cheapys from Sainsbury’s or Superdrug’s own brand)  to clean stupid food/ baby fluids stains (I have a niece and baby nephew whose main purpose in life seems to be to stain my clothes!) Kidding, they are the most precious thing in the world to me but they do stain my clothes, it’s a fact!

Like so many other things I discovered the nail polish remover wipes in the US, and I was very happy when I also saw them in the UK (I didn’t see them in Spain , where I’m from, last time I checked but maybe they do have them now…)

Anyway, they are very very efficient to remove those nice red, bright pink and dark purple polishes that I like but are nightmare to remove with cotton pads.

Cutex and Relex Nail polish Remover wipes

I always try to get them with some nourishing stuff (same as plain old nail polish remover anyway). The Relex ones I got them in Canada. They have this slightly ragged red pad that is a wonder to remove reds and dark colours. With one of these you get off everything on both your hands or feet which I think it’s pretty good.

I also use the cooling ones in the summer, specially when I travel to warmer latitudes (like soon! but that’s for another post though).

Cool Cool Wipes

To remove my make up I’m currently using the St Yves but I don’t really like them that much, not a lot of product n them . But I got them in Superdrug as part of a 2 for 1 thing so (less than 4 pounds for both I think). Won’t be buying them again.

Neutrogena Deep Clean wipes and Sainsbury's Skin Therapy wipes for sensitive skin

I recently bought the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wipes because I have the scrub from that range and I absolutely love it. It’s very refreshing and perfect for this warm summer we’re having in London this year.

Haven’t tried the wipes yet but hopefully they are as good as the scrub!

I also use  Neutrogena’s moisturizing wipes (not pictured) when I’m in Madrid, where my parents live, because it’s sooooo much drier there compared to London than my skin needs extra moisture there.

I really like the Sainsbury’s Skintherapy wipes (what can I say, I like cheapys). They are SOAKED in product and aren’t irritating at all unlike some others (and more expensive!) I’ve tried.

Voila! That’s all!

Which are your favorite wipes?