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Kuala Lumpur: shopping

Kuala Lumpur is great for shopping and getting good bargains. One of the stores that I highly recommend if you happen to go to KL is  Peter Hoe. They have 2 stores in KL, one of them is bigger and has a nice cafe/restaurant inside. They sell plenty of nice fabrics, bags, things for the house and many more…

Peter Hoe

Peter Hoe

I bought some small bags and a big beach tote as a birthday present for one of my friends (and she loved it!). The designs are gorgeous and even the wrapping paper (seen in the first picture) is something special.

It is not exactly a bargain store but their stuff  is certainly a very good value for money plus the added bonus of getting something with a pattern you know you are not going to see on almost anyone else here in Europe (apart from all my friends who also bought things there, obviously).

As I just realized it was also reviewed in one of the New York Times Travel guides:


I also bought a beautiful small fabric sort of washbag/cosmetic case that I actually used to carry things in my purse when I travel (under 10£).

My pretty Peter Hoe travel purse bag

This is what I have been carrying around the world (London-KL-Burma-KL-London-NY-London-Madrid-London, uff!) this last August:

Inside my Peter Hoe bag

Let’s see:

Honey Lozenges (Boots): it can get quite fry in the plane

Foam earplusg (Boots): great to beat some of the noise inside the aircraft

Wooden mirror (bought also in the shop of a chinese temple in KL)

After-bite roll on (damm mosquitos!)

Hair band

Anti-shine blotting paper

Tooth brush (green)+floss small brush (white/orange)

Maybelline’s anti blemishes cover up stick

Boots Band-aids and Soltan Lip Balm in SPF 15

Eye mask

Intimate wipes from Superdrug (you never know if there’s going to be toilet paper in the restrooms, I always carry them with me when I travel)

Wrapped panty liner

A copy of my passport (just in case I loose the original) and a pen

I also addto this bag  my ipod touch and headphones plus a couple more lip balms/glosses. Once it’s past security check I will add a tube of eye cream/serum (my face gets so dry) anda sample of hand cream.

It doesn’t take much but I get all the essentials in there so I don’t have to be looking around in pockets for things while flying or on the go during the trip.

That’s all about KL for now!