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NYC Shopping:earrings

I just realized I still haven’t shown you some of the things that I bought in NYC while I was there in September.

I have to admit a have a real thing for earrings and I tend to buy a pair every time I travel. They always remind me of the places I’ve been to. Specially every time I go to NYC I buy some because I LOVE the shops there!

So here are some earrings that I bought in different places:


Earrings galore!


Banana Republic

I really like this store and I’m very happy that BR has now landed in the UK  (although as usual there are not as many sales over here but hey, who’s complaining?)


BR earrings

I still haven’t worn this but I like the indian style they have. It’s funny because normally I don’t go for golden earrings and all the ones that I’m showing here ARE golden. Who knew I was a golden girl?

Kenneth Cole Reaction


Kenneth Cole earrings

These were a total bargain (8$!). I bought them on the Woodbury Commons outlet (outside of Manhattan, when I also went to Target and spent a little fortune on make up and other things…)

Actually, I think I might wear these tomorrow  to go to the movies with some friends…

And last but not least…


Just a stand on the street (5th Ave, mind you)


a bit 70's, aren't they?


I’ve worn these a lot already! I quite like them!

I also bought some hair clips in Anthropologie, yet another beautiful store that is also over here (there’s one in Regent’s St)  but for some reason I never go to this store in London…


Anthropologie's hair clips


I’ve been clipping a strand of hair to one side and normally use cheap ones from H&M. I thought these look cute and good for work but also forgoing out as well.

That’s it for the moment! Have a lovely rest of the weekend!



N.Y.C. Color Wheel

I bought this n my latest trip to New York. This is a brand that I discovered when I was living there in my local Rite Aid and Duane Read. I have some very nice waterproof eye liners from this brand that have are amazingly very long lasting and are en excellent value for money (I should do a post on them , they really deserve it).

I know you can also get NYC here in the UK at some Boots and Superdrugs but for some stupid freudian reason I tend to only buy these when I visit New York (which sadly is only every other year because of work reasons, although I’m not complaining).

Anyway, on my last trip I wanted to buy one bronzer because I had read with things about them and also wanted something more matte compared to the ELF Bronzer that I’ve been using all summer (and I still use).

In the end I thought the bronzers were a tiny bit too dark, or they look like it since I couldn’t really test the products. So I ended up buying the color wheel:

N.Y.C. Color Wheel

N.Y.C. Mosaic Face Powder

I’m not sure how much it was now but definitely less than 5$ (I think). There;s is a very decent amount of pressed powder here. It is very matte but it doesn’t dry my sensitive skin which is always a MUST for any powder I slap on my face.  It has the advantage of the multicolor tones (that’s the whole point, isn’t it?) so you can make it darker or lighter depending on your skin color, mood, sun and moon alignment…

I really like it and I’ve been using it every single day since I’ve been back and I’m forcing myself not to use fake tan every day…

Overall a very good and happy buy 😉

Do you but N.Y.C. products? Which ones do you guys have?

NARS Duo in Kuala Lumpur!

OK, this is not a joke! Three posts in a row with KL on the title…

Anyway, the story is that I went to the NARS website after seeing another eyeshadow duo (Rajasthan, which is also on my to get list) being reviewed. This was back in August I think. I’m still amazed at how some of these beauty gurus get on trends way before the season really starts (just by spotting things ahead of time and buying the item by themselves, not talking here about the product being sent for review by a PR, by the way). Well, I guess that’s why they are gurus, right?

Let me get back on track…So I checked the entire collection of duos and really liked plenty of those the color combinations but there was one that caught my attention, both because of its name and color combination: Kuala Lumpur,(yeah, you guessed right!)

Here it is:

NARS eyeshadow duo in Kuala Lumpur

Just the back of the eyeshadow little black box...

It’s a beautiful golden sparkly (subtle) rose paired with  aubergine, one of my favourite eyeshadow colors .

I didn’t buy it online. I had this crazy idea of  buying it in KL when I was visiting there (see previous posts). It turned out that they didn’t have NARS at the KL airport. Also  my friend who lives there advised me against buying cosmetic brand names in the city because she thought they are much more expensive than in Europe…

So I left KL without KL…

Then  when I was leaving NY a few weeks ago,  at JFK airport with a few minutes to spare… I wandered around the duty free cosmetics area were of course they DO have NARS and thought, why not? After all the ridiculous amount of money that I had already spent in make up+clothes+gifts , just 19£ more were not going to break the bank…

To make me feel better I paid with my British credit card thinking that with the exchange rate it would feel more of a deal (which it wasn’t but anyway).

So that’s the story, KL bought in NYC.

Have used it a couple of times only so not ready for a full review but the colors are really flattering, long lasting and easy to apply which is kind of what I was expecting from this brand.

Just to wrap up, for swatches of almost all the NARS eyeshadow duos check out blushingpixie’s channel (proper link on the youtube roll on the right column). She’s the sweetest person and she swatches the duos one by one with all the patience in the world. Definitely worth checking before buying any of them.


Which NARS eyeshadow duos do you guys own? Which are your favorites?

Introducing Comander in Chic

I’ve been painting my nails for more than 2-3 months now.  This weekend when I took the last bits of nail polish off (gorgeous OPI Louvre me Louvre not, a pretty purple with tiny redish sparkles, that I had on during my last manicure in the Big Apple) I decided that was it, my nails needed a break!

I put one coat of “Sally Hansen’s INSTA-BRITE nail whitener” and then one coat of Sally Hansen’s MAXIMUM GRowTH Plus in 05 Innocent Nude“…yeah I know, not exactly bare nails but …

Anyway, that lasted less than 24h…Yesterday evening after having my nightly dose of “Mad Men” (my current obsession, I’m renting now the second season DVD in Lovefilm) I  decided to start using one of the many shades of nail polishes that I recentlybought: Comander in Chic.

I love the name of this polish but I love the color most. Not sure how much this costed though but since this is a drugstore brand I don’t think it was too expensive).

Shown are two coats (with of course a good coat of INSTA-DRI on top). It has a good consistency but wasn’t the easiest to apply due to the brush that is pretty massive. But, hey, I like the result.

One  “dirty” color as Laurel from lollipo26 calls these type of shade. Something between a dark grey, and a brownish  mauve. Actually it looks different on different lights: daylight (more brown) versus indoor (more grey).

Here’s another picture:

Actually it is difficult to photograph this color as it looks different in every picture I’ve taken!

What do you think?

Which are your “dirty” colours this autumn?