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ELF offers: I don’t get it!

I warn you, this is a bit of a rant…

I just checked my email before calling it a day and there it is: another email from ELF (USA) with another discount code, this time for their mineral line, 50% off. Not bad at all.

First, you might be thinking, why are you getting discount codes for ELF USA? Well, I accidentally subscribed to updates from elf.com website instead of elf.co.uk. Since then, I’ve been BOMBARDED with ELF discount codes from their website.

My problem is: I don’t live there so I cannot use them.

What really bothers me is: why the UK/EU site cannot do the same? You’d think that after everything I have bought over the past year they could through in a little discount code here and there…nah…We just get very few emails with like 5£ off if you buy 25£ or something like that, and even these are quite rare.

It annoys me! And on top of that we’re paying more for the same stuff (the £1.50 line is just a dollar over there, which is almost like paying double with the exchange rate). True, they are not expensive anyway…

Well, here’s the coupon just in case anyone is in the US or can somehow benefit from it: MINHALF 50% Off mineral range on orders over 20$ before the 27th Sept.


Code MINHALF for 50% off Minerals line