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Redilicious: My new Mandarina Bag

This one is going to be a quickie (hopefully).

I went to Paperchase yesterday  to check out the new collection of Notebooks (see the Notebook page and the post below for more info).

I did buy a notebook but then I went to the third floor and discover a SALE corner that I didn’t know before…dangerous…

I saw a pile of computer bags, they didn’t seem much…

and then I saw this one:

Introducing my new computer bag

The picture doesn’t do it any justice though…


-the color

-the front pocket were I can store the cords

-the yellow zipper holder/puller( however you call that yellow thingy)

LOVE the yellow thingy

It’s from Mandarina Duck, an italian bag brand very popular in Italy and Spain.

Mandarina Duck detail

Their bags are great but a bit pricey for not being leather.

The design is always great and funky, the materials are superdurable (I’m talking years and decades here!)

It’s for a 12 inches laptop so it will be a bit big for my 10″ netbook but I like the fact that there will be room for other things as well.

Price on sale: £20 (from £40) so 50% off. Very good deal I think.

Do you guys use any fancy laptop bag?