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Superdrug is my drug!

Last Friday I had no plans after work so I decided to “get lost” in Superdrug. I love going through the different aisles and discover new things at the same time I picked up some of my regular routine hair/make up products.

Here’s what I bought:


My latest Superdrug haul


My old time favourites:

Simply Pure Superdrug’s eye makeup remover


Superdrug's Simply pure makeup remover


This works wonders without irritating my eyes. I now the toner as well. And it’s cheap! What else can ask for?

-Tressemme Curl Hair mousse


Tresseme's Curl Defining mousse


Very efficient in taming the frizz of my curly hair

-Also bought some new wipes I want to try out, also from Superdrug’s brand:


Simply Pure's gentle facial wipes


Optimum eye makeup remover pads

Revlon’s ColorStay eyeshadow quad and single eyeshadow:


Revlon ColorStay eyeshadows



Quad: Gems in Jewels



Single eyeshadow: Peacock Lustre


Very nice colors, love them! Not sure about the 12h stay though, even on top of my beloved ELF mineral primer…but they last a decent amount of time.

-A Nivea lip balm in Pearly Shine: very nice shimmery balm although a bit dry, perfect with some lip gloss on top

-And last but not least…some metallic Barry M nail polish! (was trying to find a nice dupe for OPI’s Louvre me Louvre me not)


Miss Sporty and Barry M metallic nail polishes (with flash)



Nice colors! (without flash)


The Barry M colors are Navy in 292 and Wild Purple in 161. Cannot read the color on Miss Sporty’s bottle though.

I have to say that I’m still in awe of these cheap Barry M  polishes 2 for £5). I just had navy on my nails and it lasted for 5 days without almost any chips, had great coverage with only one coat and with two the finish was flawless.

Cannot wait to wear the purple ones but I’m giving my nails a break…Not sure how long I’ll resist wihout painting them again!


TRAVeloGUE: Bangles

I love bangles. This summer while I was in Malaysia and Burma I had the chance to buy some nice ones, some in shops some in market stalls. Regardless, I like them all.

My new bangles (and bag to store them)

The bag is from Peter Hoe,  a shop in Kuala Lumpur about which I’ve previously posted.

Bangles from Malaysia (left) and Burma (right)

The  bangles on the left (amethyst -purple- and jade -green- beads ) are from a shop in Midvalley Mall in KL. Not sure if I kept the card… The pinkish one is from Burma. I bought in Yangon, in the Scott Market (my friends and I “got lost” in it for hours!). I’m not sure which stone it is. They made it so that it goes two rounds on my wrist. I normally wear them all together or only the ones on the left. They look very pretty, specially on tanned skin.

Since they are semiprecious stones I wear them also for more formal ocasions as well as casual ones.

Bead bangles from Burma

These are more casual. The beads are similar to the ones you see  in the rosaries of the Burmese monks. Ialso bought them at the Scott Market in Yangon. The dark brown one is made with seeds rubbed in some sort of oil (a little bit smelly). It will forever remind me of the beautiful monastery were I bought them.

And that’s another reason to like them: I like the fact that the things that I wear remind me of the wonderful places  I’ve been to.

N.Y.C. Color Wheel

I bought this n my latest trip to New York. This is a brand that I discovered when I was living there in my local Rite Aid and Duane Read. I have some very nice waterproof eye liners from this brand that have are amazingly very long lasting and are en excellent value for money (I should do a post on them , they really deserve it).

I know you can also get NYC here in the UK at some Boots and Superdrugs but for some stupid freudian reason I tend to only buy these when I visit New York (which sadly is only every other year because of work reasons, although I’m not complaining).

Anyway, on my last trip I wanted to buy one bronzer because I had read with things about them and also wanted something more matte compared to the ELF Bronzer that I’ve been using all summer (and I still use).

In the end I thought the bronzers were a tiny bit too dark, or they look like it since I couldn’t really test the products. So I ended up buying the color wheel:

N.Y.C. Color Wheel

N.Y.C. Mosaic Face Powder

I’m not sure how much it was now but definitely less than 5$ (I think). There;s is a very decent amount of pressed powder here. It is very matte but it doesn’t dry my sensitive skin which is always a MUST for any powder I slap on my face.  It has the advantage of the multicolor tones (that’s the whole point, isn’t it?) so you can make it darker or lighter depending on your skin color, mood, sun and moon alignment…

I really like it and I’ve been using it every single day since I’ve been back and I’m forcing myself not to use fake tan every day…

Overall a very good and happy buy 😉

Do you but N.Y.C. products? Which ones do you guys have?

ELF Haul

ELF Haul

Hello fellow make up addicts,

I got tis haul from ELF last week so I thought it was about time that I show you what I got.

ELF makeup, brushes and nail polishes

As you can see in the picture I got:

nail polishes in Lilac, Punk Purple and Mod Mauve.

Very disappointed with the colors except Lilac, the don’t look AT ALL like on the website, seriously…maybe that’s too much to ask for a £1.5o polish but …Anyway, I reviewed them in a previous post last week so I ‘m not going to talk about them  today.

2 new brushes:

ELF brushes

ELF eyeliner brush (left) and blushing, bronzing and blending brush (right)

I was very impressed with the eyeliner brush. Really soft and easy to work with, in two or three strokes it covers my whole eye. It’s much bigger than the eyeliner brush from the Studio series (which I also own but this one I like better when I’m on a rush or don’t care that much about  precise lines because I’m not applying a dark color).

I don’t really like the bronzing blush for bronzing, it’s way too small. Not for blushing either. It’s very soft and I like the angle so I’m using it to apply contour and highlight and also to apply bronzer all over  my lid (which most days this summer is pretty much the only thing that goes in my lids apart from eyeliner and mascara.

•2 eyesshadow creams:

ELF eye shadow cream in Butter Pecan (top) and Berry Mix (bottom)

I’ve seen a lot of people seem to have Butter Pecan and I know why now, the colors are pretty, good brown neutrals. I still have to use them as base for powder eyeshadow, which how I’ve seen most people use this one. I tried the darker color today as an eyeliner but it disappear after just a few hours. I’ll keep you updated.

The other shadow is Berry Mix which I also really like the colors on my skin but haven’t used it yet (not wearing that much purple these days). But purples shadows/eyeliner usually suit my brown eyes well.

The last things I bought were:

Brightening eye liner in Midnight

Waterproof eyeliner pen in Midnight

Have only used the regular  eyeliner. It was easy to apply and stayed on for a decent amount of time so I guess the waterproof one will be even better. THe color is not very dark blue but dark enough (I prefer darker than paler tones). Definitely a jewel tone, matte, not sparkly though. I think a sparkly one would be nice. (Sorry forgot to swatch them and now it’s too late to take a picture. Will update tomorrow)

I really like a hint of blue on my eyes. At least this year I’ve been  experimenting  with new colors on my eyes (green, gold, purple and blue, not all at the same time!) and match some of the clothes I wear with the eyeliner color.

I just like a bit of color in my life.

So overall quite happy with my ELF haul.


Forgot to add that everything here was on their” regular” line so each product was only £1.50, not bad.

ELF Haul Receipt

Which items did you recently buy from ELF?

New ELF Nail Polish

I was just working from home this morning when the postman arrived with my new ELF Haul (about which I will be posting soon but not tonight).

I had ordered thre new nail polishes to continue my current polish obession (see previous posts).

When I opened the packaged I immediately whent for the polishes and …I really thouught I had a winner!

Introducing Mod Mauve, Punk Purple and Lilac

Lilac looked so gorgeous! Not as pale /pastel as I thought (which is a good thing for me). More like a “dirty” Lilac.

I had clean nails so I just went for it!


My nails in Lilac

I really like the color on the bottle and on my nails: 8 out of 10.


application was nightmare! Very dry and very very sheer: needed three coats to get the coverage I wanted (ie. not seeing my nails through the polish which is not that obvious for cheap £1.50 ELF nail polishes). I have other colors from ELF as well and it’s pretty much the same thing…it’s the pretty colors that save them! (well at least for most of them…)

I guess in this case you get what you pay for.

I was VERY dissapointed with Mod Mauve. It’s more a color between a medium brown and aubergine…it might look good in winter but right now looks pretty awful to me.

Punk Purple is ok, closer to what it looks in the website, less bright though. I think I will get good use of it in Autum.

Didn't have time to swatched them on my nails so I did it on a corner of my notebook!

In all, I was dissapointed that the colors didn’t look at all like in the website. I was nicely surprised with Lilac, not so much with Punk Purple and utterly disgusted with Mod Mauve (which initially was my favourite of the three!)

Have you had any dissapointement like this lately? Were you thought a color on the screen looked gorgeous and when you finally got it you thought ARRRRHHGGG!!

ELF Lip Glosses +Body Shop Lip Balm

I’ve been using these for a while now…

Don't they look cute?

The ELF lip glosses are cutisimme in these little retro tins. Good amount of product for just £1.50.

They smell and taste great!

They are all very sheer (even though Berry POP looks scarily dark it just gives a nice touch of color to your lips). With Candy Fix they are my favourites, they really smell and taste like candy, Yummy!

The clear one (Just forgot its name though…)  gives a very faint shimmery clear gloss but tastes and smells like coconut, which I love. I use it as base before applying lipstick.

The Body Shop lip balm is in Watermelon. I think this was just £1. I love it because it really tastes very sugary and fruity and reminds me of watermelon chewing gum that I used to chew when I was a teenager! Funny how some scents are stuck on you forever.

Which are your favorite bargain lip glosses/balms?

ELF Make Up-Everyday routine (summer)

Thanks to Xteeener Youtube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/xteeener ) last year that I discovered  the very good-value-for-money ELF make up products (ELD stands for eyeslipsface). Most products (including make up brushes) are a £1.50! Then there’s a “Studio Professional” line that is £3.50. Good to indulge in one’s make up passion!

There are no stores in the UK as far as I know so you need to order online, free shipping over £30 and the delivery is VERY fast. They even send you a text to your mobile phone when they send the package so that you know when it will  arrive (usually a day later for me most of the time).

Don’t know why I’m rambling about this. Pretty sure most of you know already!

Xteener has excellent review videos about a lot of ELF make up products and brushes (which I think are pretty good in general by the way). You should definitely check them out. Most of the things I bought I did because I saw a nice review from her or from other ELF-converted, like I am now myself…

I’m just going to mention the make up that I use everyday and then I’ll have another post for the brushes. My make up bag (which I bought also from ELF, a nice pearly silver bag for £8 I think) has a lot of these.

My everyday make up basics bag

There are of course some misses but there are definitely some hits.

There we go, here are some of the hits (in the order that I apply them):

ELF-Everyday make up

(Actually after applying moisturiser I start with a under eye concealer, two drops, which is actually from Maybelline, the “PureCover Mineral Concealer” in 01 Nude Beige (the fairest shade). In these summer days I use it by itself without the primer because I don’t wear hardly any eyeshadow).

Blending wedges (6 for £ 1.50!). Use to blend in the concealer and also the cover stick concealer (next).

All Over Cover Stick in “Honey”. In the website it is advertised to “soothe and protect the skin to camouflage those problematic facial areas”. And that’s why I use it: to cover those broken capillaries and red areas around the nose. It’s medium coverage but prefer to other products that have more coverage but leave a “cakey” finish. I apply with wedges or, where I need more  coverage, with my fingers and then blend with the wedge.

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. This product is truly FaNTASTIQUE! It deserves its own picture (;-) and a minireview. I use three drops on each lid (also sometimes under the lower lashes) and then blend with my finger. It leaves a beige cream finish that can look a bit too whiteish on tanned skin (that’s what I’m not using it now) but it perfectly covers any irregular pigmentation of the lids, blueish veins and all. It dries  fast (after you’ve applied it on one lid the other one is already dry) but is nevertheless easy to blend.

Your eyeshadow will last perfectly intact for more than 8 HOURS!!!! (Tried and tested many many times, Xteeener has a very nice tutorial on it and compares it to the much more expensive Urban Decay Primer, which I haven’t tried, didn’t have to really). Your eyeliner won’t transfer. And all that for only £3!! That’s hard to beat.

ELF eye primer and Maybelline's mineral concealer

CAREFUL: It is the MINERAL eye primer. They also have a primer in their regular line which I’ve heard is not that good, but haven’t tested myself.

Mineral Concealer SPF15 in “Warm”. I use this to set in all the previous products. I apply it with the fluffy ELF ” Blending Eye Brush” (also pictured).

In summer I don’t use any  foundation or mineral foundation just bronzer over this.

ELF Warm Bronzer (Studio line) £3. This is lightly shimmery but not overwhemly so. I swipe the three darker shades with the ELF Total Face Brush an use it all  over my face with more enphasis on my cheekbones and my forehead.

I then use the lighter shade as a cheekbone highlighter with a blush brush and the darker shade with the same brush as eyeshadow. It gives a shimmery golden brownish natural look and over the mineral concealer doesn’t crease and stays on all day.

Overall very happy with this product.

ELF Warm Bronzer and Total Face Brush

I  use these on a daily basis. I’ve  had no reaction from my skin at all, and  my skin is prone to eczema, redness and break outs (which at my age, frankly is quite irritating!) compared to some of the other cheap brands.

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15 in Malt Shake (brownish) and in Goddess (pinkish). £1.50 each. These are  very similar in colour, they both are applied very easily give a very nice lip tone and smell and taste like candy! They are not long-lasting but stay on for a decent amount of time.

…and here are some of the misses:

Liquid eyeshadow in Sexy silver, not a 100% miss but because it dries out quickly cab be messy to apply with my inexperienced hands. Also it is not very pigmented, at least the color I tried.

Mineral Blemish Kit in “Clear” (comes with an applicator brush). Not very efficient at that although it reduces the redness of blemishes.

Sorry for such a LONG post! I have other ELF products but I’ll review them in a different one otherwise this is going to last forever.

Do you also use ELF products, and if so, which ones are your favorites?