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Hair & Skin at Boots-Part I

Last Saturday after meeting some friends to have afternoon tea at Covent Garden I decided to do a little trip to one of the Boots in Oxford Street to spend a couple of coupons that I had been keeping in my wallet  for a while… That was the excuse at least.

Of course I end up buying more stuff…

I don’t know if this happens to you as well. I go into Boots or Superdrug with some clear list of the things I want to buy but with the intention of having a quick look around…then I start seeing all these things that I’ve seen lately on other people’s blogs and decide to give them a go…

Half an hour (being optimistic here…) later I emerged from the store with a (sometimes huge) bag full of products… Some will power for me, please!

Anyway, these are what I bought.


First, the whole purpose as I said of going into Boots was to get some discounted N7 products, which I feel are on the pricier end of drugstore products, so I used two £5 off coupons.

Lift & Luminate Day Cream

As I mentioned in my latest post I think, I used  the night cream version of this before and was pretty happy with it. My skin is not as firm as it was (damn aging!) and for some reason in winter it becomes more obvious to me.

I  now use the Olay Regenerist 3 point treatment cream, the one with the red pot (pssst, buy it from Amazon, much cheaper and free delivery!) together with the new serum.

So I decided to get it for day instead. I don’t remember any spectacular result with the night cream  but my skin did look more radiant. So I hope this in combination with the Olay serum (which I use night and day before applying cream) will do the job. I’ll keep you posted.

Please bear in mind that I’m in my late 30’s. I think all these products I’m mentioning will be way too thick for girls in their 20’s…

N7 Color Calming Primer

I saw this in supercute’s Sophie’s Blog (Sophie’s Choice, link on the sidebar) and since I have broken capillaries around my nose and some in my cheeks ( I believe this is the payoff too many crazy sun sessions in my youth…) decided to try it.

This is scary green so I use a tiny dollop only on those areas that I need it. I still need concealer after this but I think it evens out the color and the primer does the trick. I’ve noticed since I’ve been using it my (mineral powder) foundation stays put for much longer (before it just disappeared at the end of the day).

For £6 with the coupon I think this is a pretty good deal.

I will wait for another coupon to try the Shine control primer, which I’ve heard from a Youtuber (dianeuk01) that works really well.

I also bought these…

Neutrogena's Multi-Defence wipes and scrub

After how much I liked the Deep Clean range and since I’ve finished those (check out My Gone Baby Gone posts)  I decided to try these new ones.

The wipes are great as usual. Have plenty of product (unlike the St Ives or the Superdrug sensitive ones) and leave you with a clean skin.

Haven’t tried the scrub yet.

Check out the rest of the haul in my next post!

Have you tried any of these?

How do you like them?

Have a lovely Sunday!


Hibiscus on my Toes

Sorry for the lack of posts these past days. My sister and a couple of friends are visiting before we all embark tonight on our summer holiday.

So I’m just blogging now while everybody is still sleeping after last night’s drinks (a couple of bottles of good Spanish red wine). Love having my friends around.

I just thought I could update  you on the nail polish I’m wearing in my toes for the holiday. Actually I’ve been wearing it for 2 weeks now and has barely chipped.

This is a picture I took when I had just painted my nails:

Natural Collection nail color in Hibiscus.

Natural Collection in Hibiscus/Wearing my Tone Ups

Hibiscus is a pretty bright Fuschia color, very summery. Looks more pink in real life, for some reason my camera doesn’t always get the colors right. Anyway,   it was a great find at Boots, for the quality of the polish and the low price, less than £3 if I remember well.

In the picture I’m also wearing my black Tone Ups, the Sketchers version of the more pricey Fit Flops which I think are ridiculously expensive for a pair of flip flops (£55!).

These ones were £28 on Amazon (great finds on the shoe section) and are part of the “Tone while you walk” type of shoes.

They are VEEEEERY comfortable, it feels like you’re walking on little cushions. I chose them in black because I felt were the ones that would go with everything.

I think they run a bit big, bought my regular size and they feel a bit loose but still very comfortable. Just something to bear in mind.

Definitely a good buy.

True Blues

Today I’ve been experimenting with blue nail polishes (and a little bit of green).

I’ll start with the green. It’s the Barry M polish in “Spring Green”.

Barry M in Spring Green

I decided to paint only one nail just to see the color. It is a nice green with some blue undertones…but then realized I wasn’t in the mood for green after all.

Went for some blues and painted the rest of my nails in Rimmel’s 60 seconds polish in 825 “Sky High”.

Nails in Barry M green (pictured) and Rimmel's Sky High blue

The Rimmel polish doesn’t photograph well for some reason. It’s more of a dark turquoise with some hints of teal but in the picture is just seem a pale blue.

Really pretty blue.

In the end I went all blue but tried Barry M’s 291 “Cobalt Blue” on top of the green (crazy combinations, I don’t know what got to me today).

Barry M in Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is darker on the nail (probably due to the green base) than in the bottle. I definitely want to try it on its own. But it will probably look better on darker or tanned hands. Hopefully after my holidays…

Just another picture to show you how the Rimmel bottle looks like:

Rimmel in Sky High

It is really disappointing that I didn’t manage to capture the turquoise in this color. I guess you should go to their website to check the real color but it’s definitely worth checking it out. I got a lot of compliments on the color the first time I tried it.

I’ll leave the darker blue on my nail, it looks a little more edgier that way. It reminds me of a blue polish that I used to wear about long time ago. My then thesis director when he saw me wearing blue nails said” My wife’s car is that color by the way”. It was probably too much for the lab at that time. Now I really don’t care whether people like it or not (but in fact I’ve only heard praises so far).

These nail polishes were £2.50 (BarryM as part of 2 for £5 in Superdrug) and I think there was a simiar offer in Boots for the Rimmel polishes (I also got “Grey Matter” that same day).

So really affordable.

Voila! Experiment is over!

Nail Polish Mania

I cannot believe it. Only a  few months ago I could walk along the make up  aisle of Boots or Superdrug and never stopped even for a second to check out nail polishes…

What has happened to me?

Barry Mania

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a nice bright red/coral and the next thing I remember was having 4 different shades in my hand and was unable to decide which one to pick so decided to buy them all (after all each were only less than 3£ so I wasn’t exactly breaking the bank…).

Pretty colours, eh?

The colours are:

Spring Green n 290

Fuchsia n 302

Bright Red n 262 (have reviewed this already in a previous post)

Revlon Red Carpet Glam (mini nail polish)

I haven’t used the first two but so far I’m seriously impressed with Barry M nail polishes. Very easy to apply and last a whole week which has never happened to me before even with much more expensive polishes.

The Red Carpet Glam was  easy to apply. I love the color. More coral than  Bright Red although I think it would look better on me if I was a bit more tanned. On my nails it only lasted a couple of days before it started chipping which was a real pity…

Revlon Red Carpet Glam

I thought, OK, now I have four pretty colours, I don’t need any more to last the summer (together with the ones I already have…)

But then again…

I saw this 2 for 5£ for n17 polishes last weekend at Boots…

I tried to resist but…

These are the ones I bought:

17 High Gloss nail polish in Shynx: Nice golden/bronze polish. Wore it a couple of days ago and got some complimemts. Unfortunately, it chipped after only one day…

17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Royal Indigo: Dark Purple. Very pretty color. Haven’t tried yet so will see how much it holds. I’ll add an update when I wear it.

My new nail polishes

Natural Collection nail color in Hibiscus. Another bright pink. I just swatched it on one of my fingers and was happy to see it is very similar to an old shade that I have that was getting too old and thick. I think it will look great on my toes! Cannot wait to wear it this weekend…

I think I should stop now…

How many nail polishes did you buy over the last month?

Other Things That I Recently Bought

Just a quick post to tell you other products that I recently got on sale or as part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Colour in 02 Guava as part of their Summer Sale for £5. The colour is a dark pink/raspberry with a medium coverage and slightly shimmery finish. Not very long-lasting and all but pretty color that I use a lot specially in summer.

Maybelline New York COLORsensational in n440/Coral Fire for £6.99. Very pretty coral, quite long-lasting and not too drying. Haven’t worn that yet but have tested it at home to check how much it lasts the way I often do: applying it before a meal and then checking afterwards how much it is still on my lips. Not too much but a decent amount.

Maybelline New York Moisture extreme Naked Beige in n633 in Desert Bloom for £4.99. It’s a brownish pink part of a nude collection that is supposed to enhance your own natural lip colour. And to my lips it exactly does that. Use it when I want to wear make up but I don’t wont to look made up… And  I don’t really like “absolute” nudes on me. They fade myself out and make me look sick… Quite moisturizing lipstick as well.

Max Factor Lipfinity Top Coat (free! yeah!). This is the sheer top coat that is supposed to boost shine and moisturize lips after applying the Lipfinity semi-permanent lip colour from MF. They say that it doesn’t necessarily work with other lipsticks. I wanted to give it a go anyway and I tried it on the coral fire lipstick above. I’m not sure at all it lasted more than without the top coat but it gives a nice shine and feeling to the lips so I will also try with other lipsticks as well ( I didn’t buy the Lipfinity lipstick because didn’t really like the colours).

Voila! That’s all. Don’t think I need anymore lipsticks this season really…