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ELF Haul

ELF Haul

Hello fellow make up addicts,

I got tis haul from ELF last week so I thought it was about time that I show you what I got.

ELF makeup, brushes and nail polishes

As you can see in the picture I got:

nail polishes in Lilac, Punk Purple and Mod Mauve.

Very disappointed with the colors except Lilac, the don’t look AT ALL like on the website, seriously…maybe that’s too much to ask for a £1.5o polish but …Anyway, I reviewed them in a previous post last week so I ‘m not going to talk about them  today.

2 new brushes:

ELF brushes

ELF eyeliner brush (left) and blushing, bronzing and blending brush (right)

I was very impressed with the eyeliner brush. Really soft and easy to work with, in two or three strokes it covers my whole eye. It’s much bigger than the eyeliner brush from the Studio series (which I also own but this one I like better when I’m on a rush or don’t care that much about  precise lines because I’m not applying a dark color).

I don’t really like the bronzing blush for bronzing, it’s way too small. Not for blushing either. It’s very soft and I like the angle so I’m using it to apply contour and highlight and also to apply bronzer all over  my lid (which most days this summer is pretty much the only thing that goes in my lids apart from eyeliner and mascara.

•2 eyesshadow creams:

ELF eye shadow cream in Butter Pecan (top) and Berry Mix (bottom)

I’ve seen a lot of people seem to have Butter Pecan and I know why now, the colors are pretty, good brown neutrals. I still have to use them as base for powder eyeshadow, which how I’ve seen most people use this one. I tried the darker color today as an eyeliner but it disappear after just a few hours. I’ll keep you updated.

The other shadow is Berry Mix which I also really like the colors on my skin but haven’t used it yet (not wearing that much purple these days). But purples shadows/eyeliner usually suit my brown eyes well.

The last things I bought were:

Brightening eye liner in Midnight

Waterproof eyeliner pen in Midnight

Have only used the regular  eyeliner. It was easy to apply and stayed on for a decent amount of time so I guess the waterproof one will be even better. THe color is not very dark blue but dark enough (I prefer darker than paler tones). Definitely a jewel tone, matte, not sparkly though. I think a sparkly one would be nice. (Sorry forgot to swatch them and now it’s too late to take a picture. Will update tomorrow)

I really like a hint of blue on my eyes. At least this year I’ve been  experimenting  with new colors on my eyes (green, gold, purple and blue, not all at the same time!) and match some of the clothes I wear with the eyeliner color.

I just like a bit of color in my life.

So overall quite happy with my ELF haul.


Forgot to add that everything here was on their” regular” line so each product was only £1.50, not bad.

ELF Haul Receipt

Which items did you recently buy from ELF?


True Blues

Today I’ve been experimenting with blue nail polishes (and a little bit of green).

I’ll start with the green. It’s the Barry M polish in “Spring Green”.

Barry M in Spring Green

I decided to paint only one nail just to see the color. It is a nice green with some blue undertones…but then realized I wasn’t in the mood for green after all.

Went for some blues and painted the rest of my nails in Rimmel’s 60 seconds polish in 825 “Sky High”.

Nails in Barry M green (pictured) and Rimmel's Sky High blue

The Rimmel polish doesn’t photograph well for some reason. It’s more of a dark turquoise with some hints of teal but in the picture is just seem a pale blue.

Really pretty blue.

In the end I went all blue but tried Barry M’s 291 “Cobalt Blue” on top of the green (crazy combinations, I don’t know what got to me today).

Barry M in Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is darker on the nail (probably due to the green base) than in the bottle. I definitely want to try it on its own. But it will probably look better on darker or tanned hands. Hopefully after my holidays…

Just another picture to show you how the Rimmel bottle looks like:

Rimmel in Sky High

It is really disappointing that I didn’t manage to capture the turquoise in this color. I guess you should go to their website to check the real color but it’s definitely worth checking it out. I got a lot of compliments on the color the first time I tried it.

I’ll leave the darker blue on my nail, it looks a little more edgier that way. It reminds me of a blue polish that I used to wear about long time ago. My then thesis director when he saw me wearing blue nails said” My wife’s car is that color by the way”. It was probably too much for the lab at that time. Now I really don’t care whether people like it or not (but in fact I’ve only heard praises so far).

These nail polishes were £2.50 (BarryM as part of 2 for £5 in Superdrug) and I think there was a simiar offer in Boots for the Rimmel polishes (I also got “Grey Matter” that same day).

So really affordable.

Voila! Experiment is over!