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Best Products of 2010: Barry M nail polish

This was definitely a great find this year.

I had never heard of this brand before I moved to the UK and I’m so happy I found it!

Have plenty of posts on different colors I bought last year.

I like the colors, like how easy they are to apply and on me with  a base and top coat they DO last  chip-free 5 days. You often get 2 for£5 at Superdrug. What’s not to like?


Bright Purple

Barry M in Bright Purple



Rainbow of colors!

Gorgeous Blue


True Blues




Feeling Red


Metallic shades


I’m now wearing the purple one and I absolutely love it.

This definitely had to be on my Best of 2010 list.

Do you also like Barry M?


Superdrug is my drug!

Last Friday I had no plans after work so I decided to “get lost” in Superdrug. I love going through the different aisles and discover new things at the same time I picked up some of my regular routine hair/make up products.

Here’s what I bought:


My latest Superdrug haul


My old time favourites:

Simply Pure Superdrug’s eye makeup remover


Superdrug's Simply pure makeup remover


This works wonders without irritating my eyes. I now the toner as well. And it’s cheap! What else can ask for?

-Tressemme Curl Hair mousse


Tresseme's Curl Defining mousse


Very efficient in taming the frizz of my curly hair

-Also bought some new wipes I want to try out, also from Superdrug’s brand:


Simply Pure's gentle facial wipes


Optimum eye makeup remover pads

Revlon’s ColorStay eyeshadow quad and single eyeshadow:


Revlon ColorStay eyeshadows



Quad: Gems in Jewels



Single eyeshadow: Peacock Lustre


Very nice colors, love them! Not sure about the 12h stay though, even on top of my beloved ELF mineral primer…but they last a decent amount of time.

-A Nivea lip balm in Pearly Shine: very nice shimmery balm although a bit dry, perfect with some lip gloss on top

-And last but not least…some metallic Barry M nail polish! (was trying to find a nice dupe for OPI’s Louvre me Louvre me not)


Miss Sporty and Barry M metallic nail polishes (with flash)



Nice colors! (without flash)


The Barry M colors are Navy in 292 and Wild Purple in 161. Cannot read the color on Miss Sporty’s bottle though.

I have to say that I’m still in awe of these cheap Barry M  polishes 2 for £5). I just had navy on my nails and it lasted for 5 days without almost any chips, had great coverage with only one coat and with two the finish was flawless.

Cannot wait to wear the purple ones but I’m giving my nails a break…Not sure how long I’ll resist wihout painting them again!

True Blues

Today I’ve been experimenting with blue nail polishes (and a little bit of green).

I’ll start with the green. It’s the Barry M polish in “Spring Green”.

Barry M in Spring Green

I decided to paint only one nail just to see the color. It is a nice green with some blue undertones…but then realized I wasn’t in the mood for green after all.

Went for some blues and painted the rest of my nails in Rimmel’s 60 seconds polish in 825 “Sky High”.

Nails in Barry M green (pictured) and Rimmel's Sky High blue

The Rimmel polish doesn’t photograph well for some reason. It’s more of a dark turquoise with some hints of teal but in the picture is just seem a pale blue.

Really pretty blue.

In the end I went all blue but tried Barry M’s 291 “Cobalt Blue” on top of the green (crazy combinations, I don’t know what got to me today).

Barry M in Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is darker on the nail (probably due to the green base) than in the bottle. I definitely want to try it on its own. But it will probably look better on darker or tanned hands. Hopefully after my holidays…

Just another picture to show you how the Rimmel bottle looks like:

Rimmel in Sky High

It is really disappointing that I didn’t manage to capture the turquoise in this color. I guess you should go to their website to check the real color but it’s definitely worth checking it out. I got a lot of compliments on the color the first time I tried it.

I’ll leave the darker blue on my nail, it looks a little more edgier that way. It reminds me of a blue polish that I used to wear about long time ago. My then thesis director when he saw me wearing blue nails said” My wife’s car is that color by the way”. It was probably too much for the lab at that time. Now I really don’t care whether people like it or not (but in fact I’ve only heard praises so far).

These nail polishes were £2.50 (BarryM as part of 2 for £5 in Superdrug) and I think there was a simiar offer in Boots for the Rimmel polishes (I also got “Grey Matter” that same day).

So really affordable.

Voila! Experiment is over!

Nail Polish Mania

I cannot believe it. Only a  few months ago I could walk along the make up  aisle of Boots or Superdrug and never stopped even for a second to check out nail polishes…

What has happened to me?

Barry Mania

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a nice bright red/coral and the next thing I remember was having 4 different shades in my hand and was unable to decide which one to pick so decided to buy them all (after all each were only less than 3£ so I wasn’t exactly breaking the bank…).

Pretty colours, eh?

The colours are:

Spring Green n 290

Fuchsia n 302

Bright Red n 262 (have reviewed this already in a previous post)

Revlon Red Carpet Glam (mini nail polish)

I haven’t used the first two but so far I’m seriously impressed with Barry M nail polishes. Very easy to apply and last a whole week which has never happened to me before even with much more expensive polishes.

The Red Carpet Glam was  easy to apply. I love the color. More coral than  Bright Red although I think it would look better on me if I was a bit more tanned. On my nails it only lasted a couple of days before it started chipping which was a real pity…

Revlon Red Carpet Glam

I thought, OK, now I have four pretty colours, I don’t need any more to last the summer (together with the ones I already have…)

But then again…

I saw this 2 for 5£ for n17 polishes last weekend at Boots…

I tried to resist but…

These are the ones I bought:

17 High Gloss nail polish in Shynx: Nice golden/bronze polish. Wore it a couple of days ago and got some complimemts. Unfortunately, it chipped after only one day…

17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Royal Indigo: Dark Purple. Very pretty color. Haven’t tried yet so will see how much it holds. I’ll add an update when I wear it.

My new nail polishes

Natural Collection nail color in Hibiscus. Another bright pink. I just swatched it on one of my fingers and was happy to see it is very similar to an old shade that I have that was getting too old and thick. I think it will look great on my toes! Cannot wait to wear it this weekend…

I think I should stop now…

How many nail polishes did you buy over the last month?

Feeling Rrrred!

I’m Spanish, and Spain just qualified (well, yesterday) for the 2010 World Cup final (first time ever!)…and yes, I like football…and yes I’M SO EXCITED (and don’t want to hide it)!

So I decided to put some more red on me. As my name shows I do like red and I do own a fair amount of red clothes but this time I wanted to step it up a notch… and the obvious thing was to pain my nails red, which I have never done actually (toes, yeah, but nails always thought it a bit too much). I recently bought some red nail polish from Barry M: n262 in Bright Red. And I decided to give it a go.

Bright Red polish

The color is actually between red and orange and indeed very bright. In daylight it definirely stands out, but hey, the ocasion call for it. Will see if it stays put till the day of the final (next Sunday!). I did my ususal base coat+2 coats of nail polish+top drying coat (check the purple Barry M’s polish post details).

Which is your favorited red nail polish?

Gorgeous red, isn't it?

Barry M Nail Polish: Purple!

Barry M n303 in Bright Purple

I bought this a while ago s part of an offer: 2 for 5£. I also bought a nice deep blue polish as part of the offer but so far I haven’t tried it yet.

Anyway, on with the purple! I’ve worn purple/violet/mauve a lot this past winter. I also have some nice purple tops this summer and I thought this would go well with them as well as with black and with the ton of green accessories that I have (I went through a green phase a few years back, kind of similar to my current purple one…)

This is how it looks on my hands. Actually don’t look at my two-shade hands (badly applied and fading self-tanner!) but look at the nice purple on my nails. I was really impressed with the texture of the polish, it was very easy to apply.

I applied coats in this order:

1.one coat of Sally Hansen Nail whitener  “INSTA-BRITE” as base (absolutely worth it)

2.two coats of nail polish

3. one top coat of Sally Hansen’s INSTA-DRI (this stuff has saved my life soooo many times!). It makes the polish dry after about a minute though depending on the amount of polish applied you might want to wait a bit longer. It definitely works very well as saves a ton of drying time! I bought it in the US but you can also find it now at Boots and probably Superdrug as well.

The best thing was that it lasted almost a week! And that included two trips to the airport (somehow I always manage to chip my nails when I drag along my suitcase…) Very impressed really. Even with nail polishes which claim to be super long-lasting I never had this kind of result.

By the way, if you do this in your toes you’ll have nail olish chip-free for three long weeks guaranteed! (Tried and tested not with this polish but with many others over the last two years)

I have to thank Laura (www.lollipop26writes.com). I learned about Barry M nail polishes by reading her posts, which always make me laugh and are one of my favorites. This started a Barry M craziness. Yesterday I bought another 3 of them! (and this time the offer was over but the colors were too gorgeous to resist and really affordable as well: 2.95£ each (10 ml).

So, which is your favorite Barry M nail polish shade?