I love notebooks.

I have a whole collection of them. Crazy crazy.

I will be posting here pictures of my notebook collection to share with you.

Notebook July 31st 2010

I just bought this one yesterday to use after my upcoming trip to Asia as a souvenir notebook (the kind you tape or glue random stuff that I take from the places that I visit, kind of scratch book I guess, not sure if that’s how it’s called though)

Voyage Voyage...

It’s from Paperchase, one of my secret addictions in the UK (although ironically I discover it at the Borders in  NYC ). I just love almost ALL their notebooks which makes it very difficult to choose one!

The fact that there is a HUGE store quite close to were I work and I can easily indulge in serious lunch break notebook-shopping is not helping either…

This one is the kind that has recycled brown paper and has cardboard and plastic insert pockets to store things inside which I think is a brilliant idea.

I already own a few of these kind of notebooks but sadly I have never used them yet.

For some reason I like when they are all new and untouched although, really, I need to start using them before they become all yellow on me…

I have plenty of  stuff from my last year trips to India and Cambodia so I should start with that and then hopefully that will give me the impetus to continue with this year’s trip.

We’ll see…this is my newest notebook resolution!

While in Paperchase I also bought a nice computer bag. Check out the new post on that one in the regular HOME page if you want to see it!

Is anyone else obsessed with Paperchase notebooks or notebooks in general?


Sorry, forgot to mention that I also got this lovely Passport/Ticket holder

Passport/Ticket holder from Paperchase

I have already one of these, similar but not identical:

•This one has the elastics in red (always a plus for me)

•It has in the cover stamps from the Statue of Liberty in NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Tour Eiffel in Paris

I couldn’t resist

and hey! for only £2 I think I’ll be ok, right?

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