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Am I 15, again!?

You know I like Paperchase…

About 1-2 years ago I bought a collection of stickers to use on my travel notebook. I realized the other day that this hadn’t been opened yet…

Next thing I know I’m talking to my sister about customizing my dad’s and mum’s computers (we bought them one netbook each recently! Good daughters!) so that they know which one is which…

I ended up using some of the stickers on my blue-polish-stained-netbook


How cute are these?

I lived in NYC before coming to London and I love (almost) al things New York.

I realized this will be of noo interest to anyone but I just sharing how “teenagy” (sorry for making up words!) I’m behaving lately…blame it on the hormones…

Hope eveyone has a wonderful weekend!


Please Subscribe if you like my Blog!

That would make my day!

I spent 2hrs! yesterday trying to insert a Google Friend Connect gadget on my sidebar to make it easier but it seems that I can’t which is a complete bummer…

I know most of you use Blogger but is just not that easy with WordPress…

Why did I choose WordPress to start my blog I don’t know!

In any case, here in WordPress world it’s also pretty straight forward so please have a look at the sidebar and please subscribe if you’d like to follow me !

I have been looking around and there are plenty of blogs that I like and feel that have many things in common with many of you out there in spite of the obvious age difference, which is crazy.

What can I say, some girls stay girls, they just have a few more wrinkles around their eyes with time (;-)