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It’s now snowing on my blog too!

Love it!

Very cool.

The snow outside has now melted but it is will keep snowing here during the holiday season. Yeaaay!

Picture taken from


Updated Notebook Page

I  bought another notebook yesterday and thought I should share it with you guys.

Beautiful notebook cover

If you want more details go check the NOTEBOOKS Page (Link in the Black bar above)

Let’s see if you like it too!

New Pages Coming Soon!

Hello Everybody!

I decided to include a couple of pages more in this blog, certainly related to Beauty but not so much to  make up. I’m not sure anyone cares at all but I’ll be interested to see your comments on them if you happen to visit my blog.

I still have to work on them. Hopefully starting this weekend in between work assignments because  I’m going on vacation soon after, FINALLY!

I’ll keep you posted when they are ready!

Have a nice day

Beautiful Tioman Island-August 2009