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My new favourite nail polish: ELF’s Metal Madness!

I was given this beautiful metallic polish as part of a free shipping offer back in December when I bought products worth more than £10 in total.

This is what I bought:

My December ELF Haul

There are several things in this haul that I like (actually almost everything!) and hopefully I will be reviewing them over the next few days.

But this post is about the metallic polish Metal Madness which I love!

The sparkles are fine and multicolored not all silvery like it’s shown on the first picture.

This is shown better on these next pictures (sorry for the blur…)

Love how the lights get reflected on the nails.

In terms of texture, this is much better than other ELF polishes and two coats are enough to give good coverage. Not a pain to remove either. And it lasted good solid 4 days before it started chipping (always with base and top coats, of course). And it’s only £1.50, well, actually for me it was free, even better!

So all in all this is definitely a winner for me.

So do you girls have this?

Which is your favourite nail polish at the moment?

Update: This is now on sale at only £1 at ELF’s website!

Best Products of 2010: Barry M nail polish

This was definitely a great find this year.

I had never heard of this brand before I moved to the UK and I’m so happy I found it!

Have plenty of posts on different colors I bought last year.

I like the colors, like how easy they are to apply and on me with  a base and top coat they DO last  chip-free 5 days. You often get 2 for£5 at Superdrug. What’s not to like?


Bright Purple

Barry M in Bright Purple



Rainbow of colors!

Gorgeous Blue


True Blues




Feeling Red


Metallic shades


I’m now wearing the purple one and I absolutely love it.

This definitely had to be on my Best of 2010 list.

Do you also like Barry M?

Golden Goddess combo

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays if you are lucky enough to have some time off these days.

Inspired by Nicolettas’s teal polish I tried this nail polish combo for Christmas Eve dinner+Christmas days lunch:


Glittered nails
OPI Boris & Natasha + ELF Golden Goddess

I did that with one coat of OPI’s Boris & Natasha and one coat of the superglittery Golden Goddess from OPI.

One of my sisters didn’t exactly liked it and the other one said that I looked like a teenager…

I liked it!

What do you think?

Are you wearing any glitter on your nails these days?

What’s Your Point-settia?

Have you girls seen this?

Picture taken from

Love, love, love this color!

Cannot wait to go to Spain for the Holidays to get it! It’s from the Sephora-by-OPI range , which I don’t think that you can get in the UK…Think ELF has a similar one, will check that out. Perfect for those holiday parties I think.

Vampyvarnish has a nice review on it.

Actually this year I decide to have more Christmas decorations at home (normally I don’t bother since I go visit my family in Spain) but anyway, I got a poinsettia and it’s getting nice and red. So a beautiful addition to my living room.

Image taken from

Have you girls decorated your home yet and/or bought some special holiday polish?

Do share!

Boris…and Natasha

I’m still on my nail polish break…the pictures in this post were taken a couple of weeks before the break and before it got really cold over here.

I decided to wear this beautiful polish that I bought more than a couple of years ago in NYC. It’s a beautiful aubergine color part of OPI’s Russian collection. Base coat, two coats of polish and Insta-Dri top coat to seal it all as usual.

Et Voila!

OPI's Boris and Natasha

I liked the way it looked on my super-pale hands and as usual I also liked the name!

As has been the norm lately this lasted on me 5 days with minimal chipping.

This is a picture of my nails on day 5:

Boris & Natasha day 5

Apologies for the “thriller like” hands!

I’m waiting till Thursday to paint my nails again for Friday’s Christmas office party! Yaaaay! Cannot wait! I’m debating between a supersparkly golden polish from ELF (Golden Goddess) or a Black with silver sparkles from Sonia Kashuk (Starry Night).

As you can see sparkles is the theme here. I’ll let you know which one I go for in the end.

What are you fancy girls going to wear on your nails for this season’s parties?

Moisturized nails

It’s been quite cold here in the UK…

honestly, really cold…

so with all the polish that I’ve been putting on my nails in the past months (plus by mistake I bought and used a polish remover that had acetone which cracked my nails even further) and the harsher weather conditions that we’re having my nails were in need for deep conditioning and moisturizing.

To achieve that I used mainly two products, both from Sally Hansen that I bought in the US last September (when I went all crazy about nail polishes and make up in general).

These are:

SH's Complete Care 4 in 1 treatment

I used this as a base coat first and top coat after applying the second product:

SH's Nourishing nail color in 05 Innocent Nude

This has been my go to polish in between darker polishes when I’m giving my nails a bit of a break.

This is the final look:

Natural and moisturized nails.

Simple and  easy and helps giving the nails a healthy look.

Forgot to say that before applying the base coat I treat the nails with cuticle remover cream/oil  and wait a few minutes before applying the base coat.

These treatment polished, together with the Sally Hansen polishes that I also bought (Plum Luck and Commander in Chic) I’m really happy of what I bought from this brand.

Are you guys also giving your nails a break every once in a while?

Gone Baby Gone-Part II

On with the products I’ve finished up lately…

Year round fake tan

Well, these are not exactly finished but almost, and I’ve been using them non-stop since about May (not sure that counts, but hey).

The Summerbody is a moisturizer with fake tanner. It keeps my skin well moisturized and has able to maintain the color that I got this summer. To be honest by now the color is almost gone but at list thanks to this a have a healthy color and I’m no scary white like I’d otherwise would be…

The Loreal’s product is a gel. I like it because it’s very easy to blend and gives a naturally tanned color. I don’t specially like the smell but I can cope with it. This has alpha-hydroxy acids which smooth my skin and make it fresh and helps disguise the small/thin (getting much bigger!) lines in my forehead.

N7 Lift & Luminate-night cream

I finished this up before the summer (I used Nivea’s with anti-wrinkle cream Q10 coenzyme with light tanner this summer for daytime). I wanted to give my skin some glow while getting rid of the dullness after the winter months. It wasn’t something instantly obvious but I think by the end of the pot I was getting there and saw some improvement. This is around £20. Not cheap but not the priciest either. I recently purchased this again for daytime using one of the Boots £5 off for N7 products (willing to give another try) so I’ll keep you posted.

Last but not least:

Sally Hansen's Insta-DRY

This has been the ultimate life saver, well, more like nail polish saver.

Since I use this I have been able to apply two coats one after the other, then this and after a few minutes (except when very humid) my manicure is done and stays for 4-5 days. That NEVER happened before.

This has lasted a good three years. In the end it was so thick I could hardly apply it but on the positive side I think it made my polish last even longer. I finally opened a new bottle now.

Bought in the US but I think I’ve seen it in some big Superdrug stores.

Shiseido Benefiance Pure retinol Eye mask

I bought this (a bit of a splurge for me!) as an present for my birthday  (yes, I give myself presents every year!). This is a set of 12 pairs and I’ve only used once so I cannot give a through review just yet. Wanted to used them at least once a week but already forgot last week so…

That’s it!

Gone with the old in with the new! I will be posting some of my new purchases this weekend.

I’m really trying to be good and stop buying things but I’ve been pretty bad lately…