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Best Products of 2010: Hair

I bought a few products this summer that have really changed how my hair looks and feels: superclean ( I think thanks to the sulphate free shampoo), shiny (thanks to the new hair dryer, I think), smooth (thanks to the new conditioner, I guess) and much less frizzy (thanks to a combination of all of the above, maybe?).

And that’s simply why I’ve chosen them for this entry.

So here’s what has changed my hair:

Samy Pure Shampoo and Samy gel for curly hair

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long

This is probably the conditioner with the greatest smell I’ve ever had. Leaves you hair super soft and smooth…


Babyliss ProSpeed drier with diffuser

Noisy but effective

Of course none of this would work if I didn’t treat my scalp properly ( I have very sensitive scalp and if I don’t use an appropriate shampoo for this my scalp goes out of whack easily).

This year I started using the Korres Shampoo for sensitive scalp which has proved amazing.


Korres Shampoo with Laurel & Echinacea for dandruff and sensitive/dry scalp

So basically (and as crazy as it is) I must admit that my hair routine consists on:

1.  wash with Korres shampoo-wash away

2.  wash with Samy shampoo-wash away

3. Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner (3-5 min)-wash and don’t rinse off completely

4. good amount of  Tressemme  mousse for curly hair

5. Tressemme mist to protect hair from heat

6. Dry hair

7. Finish off with a dollop of Samy gel for curly hair…

…and that’s why I’m always late the days I wash my hair…

Is your hair routine as crazy as this?



Hair & Skin at Boots-Part II


The rest of the stuff was for my hair:

Curly, Glossy, Fresh hair, anyone?

The Umberto Giannini were 2 for £7.50 (they were around £5  each).

I tried the Glossing mist and didn’t see any major difference but maybe I’m applying too little or too far. Will keep trying.

I’ve also tried the Glam hair Dry Shampoo (saw it in a video from the adorable lollipop 26, link on the sidebar). I does what it says. Cleaned my oily roots without any residue or white powder effect (like unfortunately does the Batiste). So pretty happy with this one.

I haven’t tried the mousse yet. I’m looking for an alternative to the Tressemme that I’ve been using nonstop for more than 4 years now! Will keep you posted on this one also…

Lastly: a new hairdryer

BaByliss dryer with diffuser

I really needed a new one. The cheapy Boots brand one that I had was really ruining my hair mainly I suppose because it could get really hot sometimes.  This one wasn’t that expensive anyway, around 25£. It claims to give high shine from ionic conditioners.

I haven’t really seen any major difference apart from the fact that my hair lasts clean a day  longer ( I’m not sure how can be due to the dryer but I have been using my regular products and this is the only thing that changed…). Also this one doesn’t get really that hot but dries my hair much faster which I guess in the long run means less heat exposure for my hair…

Will see how it goes in a few weeks time…

That’s all!

Have a lovely rest of the day!

Gone Baby Gone-Part I

It’s not very often (actually it is VERY rare) that I happened to finish a product. Most often than not I get bored with things and moved to the next one before I finish something.

That’s why whenever I DO finish something I feel it must be that the  product either stands out for whatever reason or it’s really something I use daily or both.

So for the past few months instead of throwing away the empty stuff  I’ve been finishing up  I decided to keep it with the purpose of showing them in a post and sharing them with you.

So here they are:

Gone, gone gone!

One by one:

Neutrogena's Deep Clean range

These have been great this past summer. The wipes are moist and get the dirt away leaving your skin fresh and moist. The scrub is very good too. I used it everyday  in the shower and has that minty/fresh feel that I love in a scrub. I saw both being recommended in Youtube by girls with flawless skin and when I saw it in Boots I thought I’d try it. Great choice! It didn’t erase the flaws from my skin but it left it clean and fresh.

Tresseme mousse Curl Defining

I’ve talk about this one before. I like how it leaves my curls (well, defined, yes) when I need to blow dry my hair (which now is almost every time I wash it because otherwise it takes ages to dry…).

Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle

This was recommended by a good friend. And I’m not sure about miracles but this conditioner surely leaves my hair supersmooth and silky the way no other does. The next one I will try is the one for frizzy hair. If you haven’t tried it you should definitely give it a go. Look for the 2 for £6 offers in Boots or Superdrug (which run quite often).

More to come tomorrow.

Which products have you finished up lately?