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Naturally sunkissed skin…

I  wish! Specially at this time of the year!

In case you were wondering, no, I definitely don’t have it. Despite being Spanish I have a fair to medium skin and right now is more on the super pale side of the spectrum.

I tend to use sunless tan products from springtime till autumn, basically till is not conceivable any more that I’m tanned despite of the fact that there has been no sun out for ages and I just feel a tiny bit ridiculous.

It is not springtime yet but I’m fed up of being pale, which accentuates all my skin flaws and makes me look tired (and sometimes sick with people asking me if I feel ok!).

So I decided to get a moisturizer with a bit of sunless tanner which is how I gradually start getting a touch of colour.

I picked this at Boots because I had one of those 5£ off coupons on N7 products. I’ve used other moisturizers with sunless tanner.

No7 Gradual Facial Tan

Not that you can read anything here...

I have to say that this does give a touch of healthy colour but is actually lighter than I expected and definitely lighter than the previous one I was using (but haven’t been able to find that easily), the Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Dark Glow.

The texture is quite rich so I’d probably stay away from it if you have oily skin but it quite works for me at least at this time of the year.

My only complain is that since it is that light I think I’m rubbing it off every night when I’m taking off my make up. So I really need to apply it every day if I want to see any result, which is a bit of a pain since I was intending to alternate it with my regular illuminating day moisturizer (also from No7, Light and Illuminate). But I guess it will do for the moment. Not ready yet to start with proper sunless tanner…at least till next month or so…before my next trip to warmer climates!

Do you guys use sunless tanner in winter? Or have you started again?

Please leave a comment!


Winter Make up Routine

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. It has been kind of crazy at work trying to meet a self-imposed deadline (which I’m not sure I’ll be able to meet…) but anyway, moving on to less boring stuff…

I decided about a week ago that with this crazy cold weather we are having here in London my skin looked a bit dry with the mineral powder that I normally use as make up base (from Physician’s Formula, really like it otherwise).

Since I don’t really like foundation (terrible memories from my teens when I was breaking out like crazy although probably formulas have advanced in the few decades that have gone by…) and I don’t like anything that feels “heavy” on my skin I decide to try something that is between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation from Neutrogena:

Healthy Skin from Neutrogena

Healthy Skin glow sheers, natural radiant look, SPF 30, light feel, oil free in n40 (medium to tan).

I bought this in the US, where they really have a whole range of Neutrogena products. I know the  from this brand  are recommended all the time by dermatologist and I also like most of their make up range.

I really like the way it looks on my skin, very natural while giving some color. And love the fact that it doesn’t turn super shiny over the hours. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t stay put matte at all but it does not over shine.

I top this with a Revlon powder that is also very light but gives a very nice finish.

Revlon PhotoReady

This color is right at tis time of the year but I think whenever I start using fake tan again (yeah , I ended up embracing the pale …) will probably have to go one shade darker. It looks a tiny little bit shimmery on the pan but not really that much when applied to skin.

I finish up the whole thing by applying some bronzer from NYC (I don’t fake tan anymore but that doesn’t mean I want to look like snow white!).

My second great recent discovery has been applying the undereye concealer ( from ELF studio range) once I’ve applied the foundation/tinted moisturizer. I was getting fed up of my concealer getting all patchy and dry under my eyes at the end of the day which just accentuated my lines there even more,  obviously not the effect I was looking for to start with…

Now it stays put very nicely, not patchy AT ALL!

So the order of application now is: foundation then powder then concealer then eye primer. To be honest I apply a No7 green primer before the foundation but this  I don’t extend under the eyes.

I’ve also started mixing a bit of the highlighter part of the concealer with the actual concealer to give a lighter touch and I like the result as well.

New Winter Make up Routine

So no more patchy eyes/skin! Yey!!

Have you changed your make up lately because of the cold weather?

Gone Baby Gone-Part II

On with the products I’ve finished up lately…

Year round fake tan

Well, these are not exactly finished but almost, and I’ve been using them non-stop since about May (not sure that counts, but hey).

The Summerbody is a moisturizer with fake tanner. It keeps my skin well moisturized and has able to maintain the color that I got this summer. To be honest by now the color is almost gone but at list thanks to this a have a healthy color and I’m no scary white like I’d otherwise would be…

The Loreal’s product is a gel. I like it because it’s very easy to blend and gives a naturally tanned color. I don’t specially like the smell but I can cope with it. This has alpha-hydroxy acids which smooth my skin and make it fresh and helps disguise the small/thin (getting much bigger!) lines in my forehead.

N7 Lift & Luminate-night cream

I finished this up before the summer (I used Nivea’s with anti-wrinkle cream Q10 coenzyme with light tanner this summer for daytime). I wanted to give my skin some glow while getting rid of the dullness after the winter months. It wasn’t something instantly obvious but I think by the end of the pot I was getting there and saw some improvement. This is around £20. Not cheap but not the priciest either. I recently purchased this again for daytime using one of the Boots £5 off for N7 products (willing to give another try) so I’ll keep you posted.

Last but not least:

Sally Hansen's Insta-DRY

This has been the ultimate life saver, well, more like nail polish saver.

Since I use this I have been able to apply two coats one after the other, then this and after a few minutes (except when very humid) my manicure is done and stays for 4-5 days. That NEVER happened before.

This has lasted a good three years. In the end it was so thick I could hardly apply it but on the positive side I think it made my polish last even longer. I finally opened a new bottle now.

Bought in the US but I think I’ve seen it in some big Superdrug stores.

Shiseido Benefiance Pure retinol Eye mask

I bought this (a bit of a splurge for me!) as an present for my birthday  (yes, I give myself presents every year!). This is a set of 12 pairs and I’ve only used once so I cannot give a through review just yet. Wanted to used them at least once a week but already forgot last week so…

That’s it!

Gone with the old in with the new! I will be posting some of my new purchases this weekend.

I’m really trying to be good and stop buying things but I’ve been pretty bad lately…

N.Y.C. Color Wheel

I bought this n my latest trip to New York. This is a brand that I discovered when I was living there in my local Rite Aid and Duane Read. I have some very nice waterproof eye liners from this brand that have are amazingly very long lasting and are en excellent value for money (I should do a post on them , they really deserve it).

I know you can also get NYC here in the UK at some Boots and Superdrugs but for some stupid freudian reason I tend to only buy these when I visit New York (which sadly is only every other year because of work reasons, although I’m not complaining).

Anyway, on my last trip I wanted to buy one bronzer because I had read with things about them and also wanted something more matte compared to the ELF Bronzer that I’ve been using all summer (and I still use).

In the end I thought the bronzers were a tiny bit too dark, or they look like it since I couldn’t really test the products. So I ended up buying the color wheel:

N.Y.C. Color Wheel

N.Y.C. Mosaic Face Powder

I’m not sure how much it was now but definitely less than 5$ (I think). There;s is a very decent amount of pressed powder here. It is very matte but it doesn’t dry my sensitive skin which is always a MUST for any powder I slap on my face.  It has the advantage of the multicolor tones (that’s the whole point, isn’t it?) so you can make it darker or lighter depending on your skin color, mood, sun and moon alignment…

I really like it and I’ve been using it every single day since I’ve been back and I’m forcing myself not to use fake tan every day…

Overall a very good and happy buy 😉

Do you but N.Y.C. products? Which ones do you guys have?

ELF Make Up-Everyday routine (summer)

Thanks to Xteeener Youtube channel ( ) last year that I discovered  the very good-value-for-money ELF make up products (ELD stands for eyeslipsface). Most products (including make up brushes) are a £1.50! Then there’s a “Studio Professional” line that is £3.50. Good to indulge in one’s make up passion!

There are no stores in the UK as far as I know so you need to order online, free shipping over £30 and the delivery is VERY fast. They even send you a text to your mobile phone when they send the package so that you know when it will  arrive (usually a day later for me most of the time).

Don’t know why I’m rambling about this. Pretty sure most of you know already!

Xteener has excellent review videos about a lot of ELF make up products and brushes (which I think are pretty good in general by the way). You should definitely check them out. Most of the things I bought I did because I saw a nice review from her or from other ELF-converted, like I am now myself…

I’m just going to mention the make up that I use everyday and then I’ll have another post for the brushes. My make up bag (which I bought also from ELF, a nice pearly silver bag for £8 I think) has a lot of these.

My everyday make up basics bag

There are of course some misses but there are definitely some hits.

There we go, here are some of the hits (in the order that I apply them):

ELF-Everyday make up

(Actually after applying moisturiser I start with a under eye concealer, two drops, which is actually from Maybelline, the “PureCover Mineral Concealer” in 01 Nude Beige (the fairest shade). In these summer days I use it by itself without the primer because I don’t wear hardly any eyeshadow).

Blending wedges (6 for £ 1.50!). Use to blend in the concealer and also the cover stick concealer (next).

All Over Cover Stick in “Honey”. In the website it is advertised to “soothe and protect the skin to camouflage those problematic facial areas”. And that’s why I use it: to cover those broken capillaries and red areas around the nose. It’s medium coverage but prefer to other products that have more coverage but leave a “cakey” finish. I apply with wedges or, where I need more  coverage, with my fingers and then blend with the wedge.

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. This product is truly FaNTASTIQUE! It deserves its own picture (;-) and a minireview. I use three drops on each lid (also sometimes under the lower lashes) and then blend with my finger. It leaves a beige cream finish that can look a bit too whiteish on tanned skin (that’s what I’m not using it now) but it perfectly covers any irregular pigmentation of the lids, blueish veins and all. It dries  fast (after you’ve applied it on one lid the other one is already dry) but is nevertheless easy to blend.

Your eyeshadow will last perfectly intact for more than 8 HOURS!!!! (Tried and tested many many times, Xteeener has a very nice tutorial on it and compares it to the much more expensive Urban Decay Primer, which I haven’t tried, didn’t have to really). Your eyeliner won’t transfer. And all that for only £3!! That’s hard to beat.

ELF eye primer and Maybelline's mineral concealer

CAREFUL: It is the MINERAL eye primer. They also have a primer in their regular line which I’ve heard is not that good, but haven’t tested myself.

Mineral Concealer SPF15 in “Warm”. I use this to set in all the previous products. I apply it with the fluffy ELF ” Blending Eye Brush” (also pictured).

In summer I don’t use any  foundation or mineral foundation just bronzer over this.

ELF Warm Bronzer (Studio line) £3. This is lightly shimmery but not overwhemly so. I swipe the three darker shades with the ELF Total Face Brush an use it all  over my face with more enphasis on my cheekbones and my forehead.

I then use the lighter shade as a cheekbone highlighter with a blush brush and the darker shade with the same brush as eyeshadow. It gives a shimmery golden brownish natural look and over the mineral concealer doesn’t crease and stays on all day.

Overall very happy with this product.

ELF Warm Bronzer and Total Face Brush

I  use these on a daily basis. I’ve  had no reaction from my skin at all, and  my skin is prone to eczema, redness and break outs (which at my age, frankly is quite irritating!) compared to some of the other cheap brands.

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15 in Malt Shake (brownish) and in Goddess (pinkish). £1.50 each. These are  very similar in colour, they both are applied very easily give a very nice lip tone and smell and taste like candy! They are not long-lasting but stay on for a decent amount of time.

…and here are some of the misses:

Liquid eyeshadow in Sexy silver, not a 100% miss but because it dries out quickly cab be messy to apply with my inexperienced hands. Also it is not very pigmented, at least the color I tried.

Mineral Blemish Kit in “Clear” (comes with an applicator brush). Not very efficient at that although it reduces the redness of blemishes.

Sorry for such a LONG post! I have other ELF products but I’ll review them in a different one otherwise this is going to last forever.

Do you also use ELF products, and if so, which ones are your favorites?