Best products of 2010: Mascara

I know, I know, this comes a bit too late. Who wants to hear about 2010 when we’re already enjoying the new year?

I decided to go ahead with it anyway and hopefully it will hopefully give some ideas to other people willing to try new things.

So let’s start.

L’Oreal Voluminous Naturale in Brown Black

L'Oreal Voluninous Mascara Naturale

This may surprise some of you but I like my eye lashes to look full but natural for an everyday look. So I always prefer brown black to dark black and tend to use mascaras that add volume over the ones that lenghten. This is the perfect deal for me. I bought it in Canada last year and haven’t seen it in the UK or Spain yet.

After a year it has dried out and bought a replacement in the US but the regular kind which I’ve seen it’s a favourite f many people. Will keep you posted…

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Scientist make up/fashion lover After Spain, The Netherlands, France, US I'm currently living in the UK. Love travelling to Asia with my friends.Who knows if I'll move there in the future! I discovered this blogging thing not long ago and would like to share my make up/beauty finds with you. View all posts by theredpipette71

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