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Golden Goddess combo

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays if you are lucky enough to have some time off these days.

Inspired by Nicolettas’s teal polish I tried this nail polish combo for Christmas Eve dinner+Christmas days lunch:


Glittered nails
OPI Boris & Natasha + ELF Golden Goddess

I did that with one coat of OPI’s Boris & Natasha and one coat of the superglittery Golden Goddess from OPI.

One of my sisters didn’t exactly liked it and the other one said that I looked like a teenager…

I liked it!

What do you think?

Are you wearing any glitter on your nails these days?


Winter Make up Routine

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. It has been kind of crazy at work trying to meet a self-imposed deadline (which I’m not sure I’ll be able to meet…) but anyway, moving on to less boring stuff…

I decided about a week ago that with this crazy cold weather we are having here in London my skin looked a bit dry with the mineral powder that I normally use as make up base (from Physician’s Formula, really like it otherwise).

Since I don’t really like foundation (terrible memories from my teens when I was breaking out like crazy although probably formulas have advanced in the few decades that have gone by…) and I don’t like anything that feels “heavy” on my skin I decide to try something that is between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation from Neutrogena:

Healthy Skin from Neutrogena

Healthy Skin glow sheers, natural radiant look, SPF 30, light feel, oil free in n40 (medium to tan).

I bought this in the US, where they really have a whole range of Neutrogena products. I know the  from this brand  are recommended all the time by dermatologist and I also like most of their make up range.

I really like the way it looks on my skin, very natural while giving some color. And love the fact that it doesn’t turn super shiny over the hours. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t stay put matte at all but it does not over shine.

I top this with a Revlon powder that is also very light but gives a very nice finish.

Revlon PhotoReady

This color is right at tis time of the year but I think whenever I start using fake tan again (yeah , I ended up embracing the pale …) will probably have to go one shade darker. It looks a tiny little bit shimmery on the pan but not really that much when applied to skin.

I finish up the whole thing by applying some bronzer from NYC (I don’t fake tan anymore but that doesn’t mean I want to look like snow white!).

My second great recent discovery has been applying the undereye concealer ( from ELF studio range) once I’ve applied the foundation/tinted moisturizer. I was getting fed up of my concealer getting all patchy and dry under my eyes at the end of the day which just accentuated my lines there even more,  obviously not the effect I was looking for to start with…

Now it stays put very nicely, not patchy AT ALL!

So the order of application now is: foundation then powder then concealer then eye primer. To be honest I apply a No7 green primer before the foundation but this  I don’t extend under the eyes.

I’ve also started mixing a bit of the highlighter part of the concealer with the actual concealer to give a lighter touch and I like the result as well.

New Winter Make up Routine

So no more patchy eyes/skin! Yey!!

Have you changed your make up lately because of the cold weather?

What’s Your Point-settia?

Have you girls seen this?

Picture taken from

Love, love, love this color!

Cannot wait to go to Spain for the Holidays to get it! It’s from the Sephora-by-OPI range , which I don’t think that you can get in the UK…Think ELF has a similar one, will check that out. Perfect for those holiday parties I think.

Vampyvarnish has a nice review on it.

Actually this year I decide to have more Christmas decorations at home (normally I don’t bother since I go visit my family in Spain) but anyway, I got a poinsettia and it’s getting nice and red. So a beautiful addition to my living room.

Image taken from

Have you girls decorated your home yet and/or bought some special holiday polish?

Do share!

Boris…and Natasha

I’m still on my nail polish break…the pictures in this post were taken a couple of weeks before the break and before it got really cold over here.

I decided to wear this beautiful polish that I bought more than a couple of years ago in NYC. It’s a beautiful aubergine color part of OPI’s Russian collection. Base coat, two coats of polish and Insta-Dri top coat to seal it all as usual.

Et Voila!

OPI's Boris and Natasha

I liked the way it looked on my super-pale hands and as usual I also liked the name!

As has been the norm lately this lasted on me 5 days with minimal chipping.

This is a picture of my nails on day 5:

Boris & Natasha day 5

Apologies for the “thriller like” hands!

I’m waiting till Thursday to paint my nails again for Friday’s Christmas office party! Yaaaay! Cannot wait! I’m debating between a supersparkly golden polish from ELF (Golden Goddess) or a Black with silver sparkles from Sonia Kashuk (Starry Night).

As you can see sparkles is the theme here. I’ll let you know which one I go for in the end.

What are you fancy girls going to wear on your nails for this season’s parties?

It’s now snowing on my blog too!

Love it!

Very cool.

The snow outside has now melted but it is will keep snowing here during the holiday season. Yeaaay!

Picture taken from

Moisturized nails

It’s been quite cold here in the UK…

honestly, really cold…

so with all the polish that I’ve been putting on my nails in the past months (plus by mistake I bought and used a polish remover that had acetone which cracked my nails even further) and the harsher weather conditions that we’re having my nails were in need for deep conditioning and moisturizing.

To achieve that I used mainly two products, both from Sally Hansen that I bought in the US last September (when I went all crazy about nail polishes and make up in general).

These are:

SH's Complete Care 4 in 1 treatment

I used this as a base coat first and top coat after applying the second product:

SH's Nourishing nail color in 05 Innocent Nude

This has been my go to polish in between darker polishes when I’m giving my nails a bit of a break.

This is the final look:

Natural and moisturized nails.

Simple and  easy and helps giving the nails a healthy look.

Forgot to say that before applying the base coat I treat the nails with cuticle remover cream/oil  and wait a few minutes before applying the base coat.

These treatment polished, together with the Sally Hansen polishes that I also bought (Plum Luck and Commander in Chic) I’m really happy of what I bought from this brand.

Are you guys also giving your nails a break every once in a while?