N.Y.C. Color Wheel

I bought this n my latest trip to New York. This is a brand that I discovered when I was living there in my local Rite Aid and Duane Read. I have some very nice waterproof eye liners from this brand that have are amazingly very long lasting and are en excellent value for money (I should do a post on them , they really deserve it).

I know you can also get NYC here in the UK at some Boots and Superdrugs but for some stupid freudian reason I tend to only buy these when I visit New York (which sadly is only every other year because of work reasons, although I’m not complaining).

Anyway, on my last trip I wanted to buy one bronzer because I had read with things about them and also wanted something more matte compared to the ELF Bronzer that I’ve been using all summer (and I still use).

In the end I thought the bronzers were a tiny bit too dark, or they look like it since I couldn’t really test the products. So I ended up buying the color wheel:

N.Y.C. Color Wheel

N.Y.C. Mosaic Face Powder

I’m not sure how much it was now but definitely less than 5$ (I think). There;s is a very decent amount of pressed powder here. It is very matte but it doesn’t dry my sensitive skin which is always a MUST for any powder I slap on my face.  It has the advantage of the multicolor tones (that’s the whole point, isn’t it?) so you can make it darker or lighter depending on your skin color, mood, sun and moon alignment…

I really like it and I’ve been using it every single day since I’ve been back and I’m forcing myself not to use fake tan every day…

Overall a very good and happy buy 😉

Do you but N.Y.C. products? Which ones do you guys have?


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