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NYC Shopping:earrings

I just realized I still haven’t shown you some of the things that I bought in NYC while I was there in September.

I have to admit a have a real thing for earrings and I tend to buy a pair every time I travel. They always remind me of the places I’ve been to. Specially every time I go to NYC I buy some because I LOVE the shops there!

So here are some earrings that I bought in different places:


Earrings galore!


Banana Republic

I really like this store and I’m very happy that BR has now landed in the UK  (although as usual there are not as many sales over here but hey, who’s complaining?)


BR earrings

I still haven’t worn this but I like the indian style they have. It’s funny because normally I don’t go for golden earrings and all the ones that I’m showing here ARE golden. Who knew I was a golden girl?

Kenneth Cole Reaction


Kenneth Cole earrings

These were a total bargain (8$!). I bought them on the Woodbury Commons outlet (outside of Manhattan, when I also went to Target and spent a little fortune on make up and other things…)

Actually, I think I might wear these tomorrow  to go to the movies with some friends…

And last but not least…


Just a stand on the street (5th Ave, mind you)


a bit 70's, aren't they?


I’ve worn these a lot already! I quite like them!

I also bought some hair clips in Anthropologie, yet another beautiful store that is also over here (there’s one in Regent’s St)  but for some reason I never go to this store in London…


Anthropologie's hair clips


I’ve been clipping a strand of hair to one side and normally use cheap ones from H&M. I thought these look cute and good for work but also forgoing out as well.

That’s it for the moment! Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


Hurry! ELF Free shipping!

I know this is becoming an obsession but I guess at least this one we can use in the UK and Europe!

(I’m going to see if there’s anything I still want that is not out of stock)


e.l.f. Cosmetics

Free Shipping on! UK Customers please use the code GRATISSHIPUK, EU Customers please use GRATISSHIPEU at checkout.
This offer is valid with orders of £10 (before shipping) or more and ends at 12 midnight (UK Time) on Friday 22 October 2010.


This is what I got in my email inbox today:

ELF SCARY savings promotion

For those of you who are in the US this might be useful.

I’ve complained here about the lack of promotions at this side of the pond compared to the Americas…but that’s not what I want to talk about today…

ELF proposes  four different looks  for this Halloween (using their products obviously  but you can easily swap them for other brands):






Which one is your favourite?

I specially like the Red Lips one, tres French Chic.

They don’t look very striking for Halloween looks but they are pretty  nevertheless. If you like them you can go to their website and see tutorials on how to recreate these looks.



I don’t think I’ll dress any different for Halloween (just visiting some old friends in Spain that weekend).



How about you? Are you going to wear a costume? Get some crazy make up?

Purple in my eyes

Last month when I was in the US I bought this nice Maybelline eyeshadow quad in the series “Stylish smokes” in the color “Amethyst” ( maybe the name is different here in the UK, don’t know really).

I  like the colors in this quad very much:


Maybelline's Stylish Smokes in Amethyst

I also like the fact that there is no guess work, every shadow has imprinted where it should be applied (lid, crease, brow bone, outer corner) although obviously you can do whatever you want.

There are even some suggestions on styles you want to try on the back:


Maybelline's Stylish Smokes eyeshadows

I normally go for either the “casual look” or the “classic smoky look” for day and then upgrade to the “dramatic smoky look” at night.

I really love these colors and the quad was quite affordable. Don’t remember exactly but I think it was about 7$? What I don’t like is that they are not very easy to blend and they are not very long-lasting although I’ve only tried them with the mineral ELF primer underneath and still have to try with the Urban Decay primer (I’ll talk more about this one in a different post).

I also bought these quads in other two color combinations: Charcoal Smokes and Natural Smokes


Charcoal Smokes (left) and Natural Smokes (right)

I’ve only used the Natural Smokes so far (actually almost every day for the past week). Again very nice colors but they tend to have disappeared from my lids by the end of the day…I think maybe my primer is drying out? I have a backup (actually 2!) so I think I’m going to try if they stay longer with a new tube of primer…

I’ll keep you posted on the result!

Have a good weekend!

Update 19.10.2010:

Definitely the tube of ELF Mineral primer that I’ve been using lately is the problem here. Today I changed to a new tube of primer and when I came home from work (about 10h later!) my eye make up (eyeshadow + eyeliner) were still intact. I used the Natural smokes palette today but it will probably the same with the other quads.

BTW, the primer has lasted a good 9-10+ months. There is still plenty on the tube but now I’ll start using it as an undereye concealer instead.


Superdrug is my drug!

Last Friday I had no plans after work so I decided to “get lost” in Superdrug. I love going through the different aisles and discover new things at the same time I picked up some of my regular routine hair/make up products.

Here’s what I bought:


My latest Superdrug haul


My old time favourites:

Simply Pure Superdrug’s eye makeup remover


Superdrug's Simply pure makeup remover


This works wonders without irritating my eyes. I now the toner as well. And it’s cheap! What else can ask for?

-Tressemme Curl Hair mousse


Tresseme's Curl Defining mousse


Very efficient in taming the frizz of my curly hair

-Also bought some new wipes I want to try out, also from Superdrug’s brand:


Simply Pure's gentle facial wipes


Optimum eye makeup remover pads

Revlon’s ColorStay eyeshadow quad and single eyeshadow:


Revlon ColorStay eyeshadows



Quad: Gems in Jewels



Single eyeshadow: Peacock Lustre


Very nice colors, love them! Not sure about the 12h stay though, even on top of my beloved ELF mineral primer…but they last a decent amount of time.

-A Nivea lip balm in Pearly Shine: very nice shimmery balm although a bit dry, perfect with some lip gloss on top

-And last but not least…some metallic Barry M nail polish! (was trying to find a nice dupe for OPI’s Louvre me Louvre me not)


Miss Sporty and Barry M metallic nail polishes (with flash)



Nice colors! (without flash)


The Barry M colors are Navy in 292 and Wild Purple in 161. Cannot read the color on Miss Sporty’s bottle though.

I have to say that I’m still in awe of these cheap Barry M  polishes 2 for £5). I just had navy on my nails and it lasted for 5 days without almost any chips, had great coverage with only one coat and with two the finish was flawless.

Cannot wait to wear the purple ones but I’m giving my nails a break…Not sure how long I’ll resist wihout painting them again!

New ELF Nail Polish: Punk Purple

Seriously…not sure why this polish is named purple at all but anyway…

ELF Punk Purple without Flash

Wasn’t a fan of the color at first, but slowly but surely it caught on me. It’s a pretty dark fuchsia (not a purple unless I’m loosing my eyesight here).

ELF Punk Purple with Flash

In terms of consistency I was pretty surprised, normally ELF nail polishes are quite disappointing but with this one almost one coat was enough. I know! Miracles do happen after all…

And it lasted 4-5 days before it started chipping so not bad at all for £1.50 polish. Of course this was with both base and top coat.

After all this pink I think I’m in the mood for blue nails now…


So it seems I need to check the ELF  Facebook page for offer codes (uhmm…not a huge fan of Facebook but…) .

Don’t really understand why they cannot send an email to previous customers (like ELF US does) but not going to complain too loud.

Here’s what I found in the ELF Facebook page this morning:

Free shipping on UK Customers please use the code MOREFORYOUUK, EU Customers use MOREFORYOUEU at checkout.

The free shipping discount is valid with purchases over £10 (before shipping is added). This offer ends at 10am (UK) 6 October 2010.

So hurry! And apologies for not posing this before!

I already ordered some stuff…didn’t I tell myself that I wasn’t going to buy more make up this fall? Tshh…