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NARS Duo in Kuala Lumpur!

OK, this is not a joke! Three posts in a row with KL on the title…

Anyway, the story is that I went to the NARS website after seeing another eyeshadow duo (Rajasthan, which is also on my to get list) being reviewed. This was back in August I think. I’m still amazed at how some of these beauty gurus get on trends way before the season really starts (just by spotting things ahead of time and buying the item by themselves, not talking here about the product being sent for review by a PR, by the way). Well, I guess that’s why they are gurus, right?

Let me get back on track…So I checked the entire collection of duos and really liked plenty of those the color combinations but there was one that caught my attention, both because of its name and color combination: Kuala Lumpur,(yeah, you guessed right!)

Here it is:

NARS eyeshadow duo in Kuala Lumpur

Just the back of the eyeshadow little black box...

It’s a beautiful golden sparkly (subtle) rose paired with  aubergine, one of my favourite eyeshadow colors .

I didn’t buy it online. I had this crazy idea of  buying it in KL when I was visiting there (see previous posts). It turned out that they didn’t have NARS at the KL airport. Also  my friend who lives there advised me against buying cosmetic brand names in the city because she thought they are much more expensive than in Europe…

So I left KL without KL…

Then  when I was leaving NY a few weeks ago,  at JFK airport with a few minutes to spare… I wandered around the duty free cosmetics area were of course they DO have NARS and thought, why not? After all the ridiculous amount of money that I had already spent in make up+clothes+gifts , just 19£ more were not going to break the bank…

To make me feel better I paid with my British credit card thinking that with the exchange rate it would feel more of a deal (which it wasn’t but anyway).

So that’s the story, KL bought in NYC.

Have used it a couple of times only so not ready for a full review but the colors are really flattering, long lasting and easy to apply which is kind of what I was expecting from this brand.

Just to wrap up, for swatches of almost all the NARS eyeshadow duos check out blushingpixie’s channel (proper link on the youtube roll on the right column). She’s the sweetest person and she swatches the duos one by one with all the patience in the world. Definitely worth checking before buying any of them.

Which NARS eyeshadow duos do you guys own? Which are your favorites?

Kuala Lumpur: shopping

Kuala Lumpur is great for shopping and getting good bargains. One of the stores that I highly recommend if you happen to go to KL is  Peter Hoe. They have 2 stores in KL, one of them is bigger and has a nice cafe/restaurant inside. They sell plenty of nice fabrics, bags, things for the house and many more…

Peter Hoe

Peter Hoe

I bought some small bags and a big beach tote as a birthday present for one of my friends (and she loved it!). The designs are gorgeous and even the wrapping paper (seen in the first picture) is something special.

It is not exactly a bargain store but their stuff  is certainly a very good value for money plus the added bonus of getting something with a pattern you know you are not going to see on almost anyone else here in Europe (apart from all my friends who also bought things there, obviously).

As I just realized it was also reviewed in one of the New York Times Travel guides:

I also bought a beautiful small fabric sort of washbag/cosmetic case that I actually used to carry things in my purse when I travel (under 10£).

My pretty Peter Hoe travel purse bag

This is what I have been carrying around the world (London-KL-Burma-KL-London-NY-London-Madrid-London, uff!) this last August:

Inside my Peter Hoe bag

Let’s see:

Honey Lozenges (Boots): it can get quite fry in the plane

Foam earplusg (Boots): great to beat some of the noise inside the aircraft

Wooden mirror (bought also in the shop of a chinese temple in KL)

After-bite roll on (damm mosquitos!)

Hair band

Anti-shine blotting paper

Tooth brush (green)+floss small brush (white/orange)

Maybelline’s anti blemishes cover up stick

Boots Band-aids and Soltan Lip Balm in SPF 15

Eye mask

Intimate wipes from Superdrug (you never know if there’s going to be toilet paper in the restrooms, I always carry them with me when I travel)

Wrapped panty liner

A copy of my passport (just in case I loose the original) and a pen

I also addto this bag  my ipod touch and headphones plus a couple more lip balms/glosses. Once it’s past security check I will add a tube of eye cream/serum (my face gets so dry) anda sample of hand cream.

It doesn’t take much but I get all the essentials in there so I don’t have to be looking around in pockets for things while flying or on the go during the trip.

That’s all about KL for now!

Kuala Lumpur: Manicure

I wanted to tell you about some of the things that I did while in KL (Malaysia) this summer.

Petrona Towers in KL

This is the second time that I was in KL, two years in a row. Definitely a paradise for manicures and shopping (next post). The first time I couldn’t believe the price, about the equivalent to 15£ for manicure and pedicure in a posh place located in a nice shopping mall: The Gardens at Midvalley. We decided to go to this one because a friend who lives there recommended it and is very close to her place, where my friends and I were staying.

Manicure in KL

Madaline manicure

This year we went there again and me an my friends had a  full mani-pedi before hitting the Burmese pagodas and temples (not that anyone was going to really care…actually no, the nice Burmese girls and women did really remark on them! ).

I painted my toes nails in a beautiful violet from the OPI SPAIN collection “Ate berries in the Canaries”. It was similar to the Bright Purple from Barry M that I’ve posted before but slightly lighter (more purplish than in the picture definitely). I really loved that color on my toenails.

OPI in Ate Berries in the Canaries**

One of my friends dared to try a bright green also from OPI, “Greenwich Village” and looked fantastic on her tanned skin!

OPI in Greenwich Village**

On the way back to Burma we also spent a few days in KL before coming back to the London rain…(literally, it was pissing down when we arrived to Stansted!). So we took another trip to MidValley and redid our nails. This time I chose a different color for my hand finger nails: OPI in Louvre Me Louvre Me Not from the France collection. I immediately loved this color! It has a slight red shimmer undertone that you can only really pick up in direct expose to sunlight. Very stylish I thought.

OPI in Louvre Me Louvre Me Not**

I did my nails in this same color in NYC as well. I was stupid not to buy it but I just felt that I had bought too much stuff already.

Anyway, I think that I’ll end up buying it on eBay or something because it’s a color that I really like and it’s different from anything that I already own, what better reason then?

** These images were taken from Google

ELF offers: I don’t get it!

I warn you, this is a bit of a rant…

I just checked my email before calling it a day and there it is: another email from ELF (USA) with another discount code, this time for their mineral line, 50% off. Not bad at all.

First, you might be thinking, why are you getting discount codes for ELF USA? Well, I accidentally subscribed to updates from website instead of Since then, I’ve been BOMBARDED with ELF discount codes from their website.

My problem is: I don’t live there so I cannot use them.

What really bothers me is: why the UK/EU site cannot do the same? You’d think that after everything I have bought over the past year they could through in a little discount code here and there…nah…We just get very few emails with like 5£ off if you buy 25£ or something like that, and even these are quite rare.

It annoys me! And on top of that we’re paying more for the same stuff (the £1.50 line is just a dollar over there, which is almost like paying double with the exchange rate). True, they are not expensive anyway…

Well, here’s the coupon just in case anyone is in the US or can somehow benefit from it: MINHALF 50% Off mineral range on orders over 20$ before the 27th Sept.


Code MINHALF for 50% off Minerals line

Introducing Comander in Chic

I’ve been painting my nails for more than 2-3 months now.  This weekend when I took the last bits of nail polish off (gorgeous OPI Louvre me Louvre not, a pretty purple with tiny redish sparkles, that I had on during my last manicure in the Big Apple) I decided that was it, my nails needed a break!

I put one coat of “Sally Hansen’s INSTA-BRITE nail whitener” and then one coat of Sally Hansen’s MAXIMUM GRowTH Plus in 05 Innocent Nude“…yeah I know, not exactly bare nails but …

Anyway, that lasted less than 24h…Yesterday evening after having my nightly dose of “Mad Men” (my current obsession, I’m renting now the second season DVD in Lovefilm) I  decided to start using one of the many shades of nail polishes that I recentlybought: Comander in Chic.

I love the name of this polish but I love the color most. Not sure how much this costed though but since this is a drugstore brand I don’t think it was too expensive).

Shown are two coats (with of course a good coat of INSTA-DRI on top). It has a good consistency but wasn’t the easiest to apply due to the brush that is pretty massive. But, hey, I like the result.

One  “dirty” color as Laurel from lollipo26 calls these type of shade. Something between a dark grey, and a brownish  mauve. Actually it looks different on different lights: daylight (more brown) versus indoor (more grey).

Here’s another picture:

Actually it is difficult to photograph this color as it looks different in every picture I’ve taken!

What do you think?

Which are your “dirty” colours this autumn?

Hello! I’m back!

Hi everyone. Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m back from a summer break, both for holidays as well as some work in between.

I’ve been to some very beautiful places in Asia (Burma and Malaysia) as well as to my beloved NYC. I’ve been BAD, BAD, BAD (in terms of shopping of course) and even if I think I went a bit overboard  I felt that I deserved it after a long year. I also bought plenty of stuff for my sisters and friends and my beautiful nephew and niece…(that’s how I calm my bad shopaholic conscience anyway).

This is bad news for my wallet (I’m forbidding myself of buying any more make up in the near future except from a couple of things…) but is good news for my blog since I have a ton of things that I will be blogging on about more regularly. Not sure I can make the one post a day I was doing before I left with all the new lectures I need to prepare  but I’ll try my best.

Thanks a lot to lovely Sophie (from Sophie’s Choice blog, see link on the right) for tagging me. I’ll do that tag post soon, I promise! I was so excited because your blog is one of the blogs that I follow and like the most! Good luck with your London adventure by the way!

Before I leave,a picture of one of the many beautiful pagodas in Yangon, capital of Burma (Myanmar now).

Shwedagon Paya, Yangon, Burma