New ELF Nail Polish

I was just working from home this morning when the postman arrived with my new ELF Haul (about which I will be posting soon but not tonight).

I had ordered thre new nail polishes to continue my current polish obession (see previous posts).

When I opened the packaged I immediately whent for the polishes and …I really thouught I had a winner!

Introducing Mod Mauve, Punk Purple and Lilac

Lilac looked so gorgeous! Not as pale /pastel as I thought (which is a good thing for me). More like a “dirty” Lilac.

I had clean nails so I just went for it!


My nails in Lilac

I really like the color on the bottle and on my nails: 8 out of 10.


application was nightmare! Very dry and very very sheer: needed three coats to get the coverage I wanted (ie. not seeing my nails through the polish which is not that obvious for cheap £1.50 ELF nail polishes). I have other colors from ELF as well and it’s pretty much the same thing…it’s the pretty colors that save them! (well at least for most of them…)

I guess in this case you get what you pay for.

I was VERY dissapointed with Mod Mauve. It’s more a color between a medium brown and aubergine…it might look good in winter but right now looks pretty awful to me.

Punk Purple is ok, closer to what it looks in the website, less bright though. I think I will get good use of it in Autum.

Didn't have time to swatched them on my nails so I did it on a corner of my notebook!

In all, I was dissapointed that the colors didn’t look at all like in the website. I was nicely surprised with Lilac, not so much with Punk Purple and utterly disgusted with Mod Mauve (which initially was my favourite of the three!)

Have you had any dissapointement like this lately? Were you thought a color on the screen looked gorgeous and when you finally got it you thought ARRRRHHGGG!!

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One response to “New ELF Nail Polish

  • Caroliine

    I’m wearing Lilac right now but I didn’t manage to get that opacity. It’s very transparent, I can still see the top of my nail under it, which I don’t really like. I may apply four coats next time!

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