Nail Polish Mania

I cannot believe it. Only a  few months ago I could walk along the make up  aisle of Boots or Superdrug and never stopped even for a second to check out nail polishes…

What has happened to me?

Barry Mania

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a nice bright red/coral and the next thing I remember was having 4 different shades in my hand and was unable to decide which one to pick so decided to buy them all (after all each were only less than 3£ so I wasn’t exactly breaking the bank…).

Pretty colours, eh?

The colours are:

Spring Green n 290

Fuchsia n 302

Bright Red n 262 (have reviewed this already in a previous post)

Revlon Red Carpet Glam (mini nail polish)

I haven’t used the first two but so far I’m seriously impressed with Barry M nail polishes. Very easy to apply and last a whole week which has never happened to me before even with much more expensive polishes.

The Red Carpet Glam was  easy to apply. I love the color. More coral than  Bright Red although I think it would look better on me if I was a bit more tanned. On my nails it only lasted a couple of days before it started chipping which was a real pity…

Revlon Red Carpet Glam

I thought, OK, now I have four pretty colours, I don’t need any more to last the summer (together with the ones I already have…)

But then again…

I saw this 2 for 5£ for n17 polishes last weekend at Boots…

I tried to resist but…

These are the ones I bought:

17 High Gloss nail polish in Shynx: Nice golden/bronze polish. Wore it a couple of days ago and got some complimemts. Unfortunately, it chipped after only one day…

17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Royal Indigo: Dark Purple. Very pretty color. Haven’t tried yet so will see how much it holds. I’ll add an update when I wear it.

My new nail polishes

Natural Collection nail color in Hibiscus. Another bright pink. I just swatched it on one of my fingers and was happy to see it is very similar to an old shade that I have that was getting too old and thick. I think it will look great on my toes! Cannot wait to wear it this weekend…

I think I should stop now…

How many nail polishes did you buy over the last month?

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