Barry M Nail Polish: Purple!

Barry M n303 in Bright Purple

I bought this a while ago s part of an offer: 2 for 5£. I also bought a nice deep blue polish as part of the offer but so far I haven’t tried it yet.

Anyway, on with the purple! I’ve worn purple/violet/mauve a lot this past winter. I also have some nice purple tops this summer and I thought this would go well with them as well as with black and with the ton of green accessories that I have (I went through a green phase a few years back, kind of similar to my current purple one…)

This is how it looks on my hands. Actually don’t look at my two-shade hands (badly applied and fading self-tanner!) but look at the nice purple on my nails. I was really impressed with the texture of the polish, it was very easy to apply.

I applied coats in this order: coat of Sally Hansen Nail whitener  “INSTA-BRITE” as base (absolutely worth it)

2.two coats of nail polish

3. one top coat of Sally Hansen’s INSTA-DRI (this stuff has saved my life soooo many times!). It makes the polish dry after about a minute though depending on the amount of polish applied you might want to wait a bit longer. It definitely works very well as saves a ton of drying time! I bought it in the US but you can also find it now at Boots and probably Superdrug as well.

The best thing was that it lasted almost a week! And that included two trips to the airport (somehow I always manage to chip my nails when I drag along my suitcase…) Very impressed really. Even with nail polishes which claim to be super long-lasting I never had this kind of result.

By the way, if you do this in your toes you’ll have nail olish chip-free for three long weeks guaranteed! (Tried and tested not with this polish but with many others over the last two years)

I have to thank Laura ( I learned about Barry M nail polishes by reading her posts, which always make me laugh and are one of my favorites. This started a Barry M craziness. Yesterday I bought another 3 of them! (and this time the offer was over but the colors were too gorgeous to resist and really affordable as well: 2.95£ each (10 ml).

So, which is your favorite Barry M nail polish shade?

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