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Redilicious: My new Mandarina Bag

This one is going to be a quickie (hopefully).

I went to Paperchase yesterday  to check out the new collection of Notebooks (see the Notebook page and the post below for more info).

I did buy a notebook but then I went to the third floor and discover a SALE corner that I didn’t know before…dangerous…

I saw a pile of computer bags, they didn’t seem much…

and then I saw this one:

Introducing my new computer bag

The picture doesn’t do it any justice though…


-the color

-the front pocket were I can store the cords

-the yellow zipper holder/puller( however you call that yellow thingy)

LOVE the yellow thingy

It’s from Mandarina Duck, an italian bag brand very popular in Italy and Spain.

Mandarina Duck detail

Their bags are great but a bit pricey for not being leather.

The design is always great and funky, the materials are superdurable (I’m talking years and decades here!)

It’s for a 12 inches laptop so it will be a bit big for my 10″ netbook but I like the fact that there will be room for other things as well.

Price on sale: £20 (from £40) so 50% off. Very good deal I think.

Do you guys use any fancy laptop bag?


Updated Notebook Page

I  bought another notebook yesterday and thought I should share it with you guys.

Beautiful notebook cover

If you want more details go check the NOTEBOOKS Page (Link in the Black bar above)

Let’s see if you like it too!

The Red Pipette Wears Prada


I love this perfume. It’s been two years since I purchased my first bottle and the love affair continues.

It suits me well for both winter and summer (well, at least British summer anyway 😉

Classy, grow-up scent but not overwhelming. Subtle but present.

Prada's "L'infusion d'Iris" Body Milk and Eau de Parfum

The combination of perfume with the body milk will extend the scent forever. I’ve tried this with other perfumes as well (Burberry’s). When it’s too hot out there or I’m travelling and not checking baggage I put a small amount of the Body Milk in a small pot from Muji (less than 100 ml of course) so that I can take it with me on my carry on bag.

I put it in my arms and my “decolletage” and the scent remains there for a loooooooooong time. I can’t help sniffing at my arms every once in a while when I do that just to check if I can still smell it (I hope no one  catches me sniffing myself! The shame!)

Also it’s a way of making your perfume last longer (basically you’re not using it!) while still smelling great.

And, of course, for a budget-conscious person like myself, the body milk is always about half-price compared to the perfume.

So if you want to try a new fragrance this summer but don’t want to spend that much money on it, try the body milk instead and see how it goes.

Which are your summer perfumes/fragrances?

New Pages Coming Soon!

Hello Everybody!

I decided to include a couple of pages more in this blog, certainly related to Beauty but not so much to  make up. I’m not sure anyone cares at all but I’ll be interested to see your comments on them if you happen to visit my blog.

I still have to work on them. Hopefully starting this weekend in between work assignments because  I’m going on vacation soon after, FINALLY!

I’ll keep you posted when they are ready!

Have a nice day

Beautiful Tioman Island-August 2009

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That would make my day!

I spent 2hrs! yesterday trying to insert a Google Friend Connect gadget on my sidebar to make it easier but it seems that I can’t which is a complete bummer…

I know most of you use Blogger but is just not that easy with WordPress…

Why did I choose WordPress to start my blog I don’t know!

In any case, here in WordPress world it’s also pretty straight forward so please have a look at the sidebar and please subscribe if you’d like to follow me !

I have been looking around and there are plenty of blogs that I like and feel that have many things in common with many of you out there in spite of the obvious age difference, which is crazy.

What can I say, some girls stay girls, they just have a few more wrinkles around their eyes with time (;-)


I don’t  know about you…but I’m LAZY!…


I’m always looking for products that are going to make my life easier and wipes are just for  that!

Wipes! Wipes! Wipes!

I use them to remove my make up and nail polish (they are great for this, much less hassle and more efficient than cotton pads).

Above pictured are the ones I’m using now.

I also used Baby Wipes (cheapys from Sainsbury’s or Superdrug’s own brand)  to clean stupid food/ baby fluids stains (I have a niece and baby nephew whose main purpose in life seems to be to stain my clothes!) Kidding, they are the most precious thing in the world to me but they do stain my clothes, it’s a fact!

Like so many other things I discovered the nail polish remover wipes in the US, and I was very happy when I also saw them in the UK (I didn’t see them in Spain , where I’m from, last time I checked but maybe they do have them now…)

Anyway, they are very very efficient to remove those nice red, bright pink and dark purple polishes that I like but are nightmare to remove with cotton pads.

Cutex and Relex Nail polish Remover wipes

I always try to get them with some nourishing stuff (same as plain old nail polish remover anyway). The Relex ones I got them in Canada. They have this slightly ragged red pad that is a wonder to remove reds and dark colours. With one of these you get off everything on both your hands or feet which I think it’s pretty good.

I also use the cooling ones in the summer, specially when I travel to warmer latitudes (like soon! but that’s for another post though).

Cool Cool Wipes

To remove my make up I’m currently using the St Yves but I don’t really like them that much, not a lot of product n them . But I got them in Superdrug as part of a 2 for 1 thing so (less than 4 pounds for both I think). Won’t be buying them again.

Neutrogena Deep Clean wipes and Sainsbury's Skin Therapy wipes for sensitive skin

I recently bought the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wipes because I have the scrub from that range and I absolutely love it. It’s very refreshing and perfect for this warm summer we’re having in London this year.

Haven’t tried the wipes yet but hopefully they are as good as the scrub!

I also use  Neutrogena’s moisturizing wipes (not pictured) when I’m in Madrid, where my parents live, because it’s sooooo much drier there compared to London than my skin needs extra moisture there.

I really like the Sainsbury’s Skintherapy wipes (what can I say, I like cheapys). They are SOAKED in product and aren’t irritating at all unlike some others (and more expensive!) I’ve tried.

Voila! That’s all!

Which are your favorite wipes?

New ELF Nail Polish

I was just working from home this morning when the postman arrived with my new ELF Haul (about which I will be posting soon but not tonight).

I had ordered thre new nail polishes to continue my current polish obession (see previous posts).

When I opened the packaged I immediately whent for the polishes and …I really thouught I had a winner!

Introducing Mod Mauve, Punk Purple and Lilac

Lilac looked so gorgeous! Not as pale /pastel as I thought (which is a good thing for me). More like a “dirty” Lilac.

I had clean nails so I just went for it!


My nails in Lilac

I really like the color on the bottle and on my nails: 8 out of 10.


application was nightmare! Very dry and very very sheer: needed three coats to get the coverage I wanted (ie. not seeing my nails through the polish which is not that obvious for cheap £1.50 ELF nail polishes). I have other colors from ELF as well and it’s pretty much the same thing…it’s the pretty colors that save them! (well at least for most of them…)

I guess in this case you get what you pay for.

I was VERY dissapointed with Mod Mauve. It’s more a color between a medium brown and aubergine…it might look good in winter but right now looks pretty awful to me.

Punk Purple is ok, closer to what it looks in the website, less bright though. I think I will get good use of it in Autum.

Didn't have time to swatched them on my nails so I did it on a corner of my notebook!

In all, I was dissapointed that the colors didn’t look at all like in the website. I was nicely surprised with Lilac, not so much with Punk Purple and utterly disgusted with Mod Mauve (which initially was my favourite of the three!)

Have you had any dissapointement like this lately? Were you thought a color on the screen looked gorgeous and when you finally got it you thought ARRRRHHGGG!!