Other Things That I Recently Bought

Just a quick post to tell you other products that I recently got on sale or as part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Colour in 02 Guava as part of their Summer Sale for £5. The colour is a dark pink/raspberry with a medium coverage and slightly shimmery finish. Not very long-lasting and all but pretty color that I use a lot specially in summer.

Maybelline New York COLORsensational in n440/Coral Fire for £6.99. Very pretty coral, quite long-lasting and not too drying. Haven’t worn that yet but have tested it at home to check how much it lasts the way I often do: applying it before a meal and then checking afterwards how much it is still on my lips. Not too much but a decent amount.

Maybelline New York Moisture extreme Naked Beige in n633 in Desert Bloom for £4.99. It’s a brownish pink part of a nude collection that is supposed to enhance your own natural lip colour. And to my lips it exactly does that. Use it when I want to wear make up but I don’t wont to look made up… And  I don’t really like “absolute” nudes on me. They fade myself out and make me look sick… Quite moisturizing lipstick as well.

Max Factor Lipfinity Top Coat (free! yeah!). This is the sheer top coat that is supposed to boost shine and moisturize lips after applying the Lipfinity semi-permanent lip colour from MF. They say that it doesn’t necessarily work with other lipsticks. I wanted to give it a go anyway and I tried it on the coral fire lipstick above. I’m not sure at all it lasted more than without the top coat but it gives a nice shine and feeling to the lips so I will also try with other lipsticks as well ( I didn’t buy the Lipfinity lipstick because didn’t really like the colours).

Voila! That’s all. Don’t think I need anymore lipsticks this season really…

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Scientist make up/fashion lover After Spain, The Netherlands, France, US I'm currently living in the UK. Love travelling to Asia with my friends.Who knows if I'll move there in the future! I discovered this blogging thing not long ago and would like to share my make up/beauty finds with you. View all posts by theredpipette71

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