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Other Things That I Recently Bought

Just a quick post to tell you other products that I recently got on sale or as part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Colour in 02 Guava as part of their Summer Sale for £5. The colour is a dark pink/raspberry with a medium coverage and slightly shimmery finish. Not very long-lasting and all but pretty color that I use a lot specially in summer.

Maybelline New York COLORsensational in n440/Coral Fire for £6.99. Very pretty coral, quite long-lasting and not too drying. Haven’t worn that yet but have tested it at home to check how much it lasts the way I often do: applying it before a meal and then checking afterwards how much it is still on my lips. Not too much but a decent amount.

Maybelline New York Moisture extreme Naked Beige in n633 in Desert Bloom for £4.99. It’s a brownish pink part of a nude collection that is supposed to enhance your own natural lip colour. And to my lips it exactly does that. Use it when I want to wear make up but I don’t wont to look made up… And  I don’t really like “absolute” nudes on me. They fade myself out and make me look sick… Quite moisturizing lipstick as well.

Max Factor Lipfinity Top Coat (free! yeah!). This is the sheer top coat that is supposed to boost shine and moisturize lips after applying the Lipfinity semi-permanent lip colour from MF. They say that it doesn’t necessarily work with other lipsticks. I wanted to give it a go anyway and I tried it on the coral fire lipstick above. I’m not sure at all it lasted more than without the top coat but it gives a nice shine and feeling to the lips so I will also try with other lipsticks as well ( I didn’t buy the Lipfinity lipstick because didn’t really like the colours).

Voila! That’s all. Don’t think I need anymore lipsticks this season really…

Superdrug I love you!

So I couldn’t resist. I went shopping yesterday with a friend in Covent Garden here in London. Just wanted to buy something for my dad (as usual late birthday gift), my supercute niece and nephew and check ou the new Banana Republic store. I really liked BR when I was living in NYC (sniff!). Still have the “luxe card” although I obviously don’t use it anymore. So I was really excited when I saw they were opening in London and now they even have more than one store. I force myself not to go to the one in Regent street though because I know my will power will fail me…

Anyway! Got slightly off the topic here… Had just done my shopping (just a GAP belt for me, nothing at BR! I could resist but mainly because my friend didn’t let me go all crazy). My friend dropped me off near my local supermarket because I had to do some grocery shopping…

Thought I was safe from more temptations…

When I was crossing the street I saw in the corner of my eye my local Superdrug store…It had been a while…so I thought why not?

I started looking for  eye make up remover. I use liner and mascara everyday (not a whole lot, quite natural look) and lately I had been sufering a bit from “panda eyes”: my regular make up remover lotion (very good for sensitive skin like mine:  “Purete Thermale”  from Vichy) couldn’t get rid of all my eye make up. I know I can easily get it off the next day in the shower.  But sometimes when I try to remove it before bed I rub  my eyes with more product they seem to get a  bit irritated. The leftover makeup doesn’t bother me that much. It’s mainly the stingy eyes…

So I was in the hunt for some cheap eye make up remover for sensitive eyes preferably.

I checked the Simple range, I don’t have yet try anything of that brand but I like the fact that they don’t use tons of chemicals. Then I saw the new Superdrug line for sensitive skin “Simply pure”. It is supposed to be gentle and is free from the usual suspects that give problems to sensitive skin: fragance (I’m not used to fragance-free products so I keep trying to see how it smells! stupid!) and parabens (chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties).

Simply Pure Make up remover

I tried it yesterday night even if I wasn’t wearing any makeup. I poured so much on my cotton pad that I decided to try it on the rest of the face to get rid of London’s dirt. The pad was almost black! (true I am self-tanning so that always leaves lots of residue). No stinging, no irritation, pleasantly suprised. I still have to try when I’ll be wearing eye shadow and mascara . It says in the label it is supposed to remove even waterproof mascara ( I don’t use that but we’ll see…)

The best thing last: it’s price! £1.49 for 150ml

Quite happy with it sofar.

Other things that I bought: St Yves wipes. There was a promotion buy one get one free so I got two different kinds: the “Gentle Facial Cleanising wipes” (with soothing aloe and fragance free)£2.99 and the Refreshing “Facial Cleanising wipes” (with calming chamomile) (obviously free!). I got the latter thinking on my upcoming trip to southeast Asia in August which will likely be very warm and extremely humid.

Pretty good deals. I’m a happy woman.

Update July 03.2010 (St. Yves wipes): Due to the unusual warm weather I tried the refreshing wipes looking for…something refreshing…was very dissapointed. Didn’t feel refreshed at all and wipes were quite dried out already (even the first one!) I guess I was looking for the effect of ~Neutrogena Deep Clean minty scrub~ but no, nowhere near that…Will try Neutrogena’s Deep Clean refreshing wipes next time…

Update July 03.2010 (“Simply pure” eye make-up remover): Keep loving this. Use it all over my face everyday to remove face make up (but I’m not wearing foundation these days, just eye make up, concealer and bronzer, my summer’s easy (and fast!) make up routine. Looooove this.

Hello world!

This is my first blog ever! I’ve been thinking about doing something like that for a while but now I really decided to jump in the water! I like everything related to make up and recently, frankly, it has become a little  obsession of mine. Something to think of apart from work, work, work.


The reason why I decided to finally start something like this is quite simple. I’ve been checking out Youtube make up tutorials and videos from different people. And also started reading their blogs. Some have been VERY helpful. (I’ll have a  post on which ones I like/have subscribed). I have learned lots of new tips, products, color combinations etc.

However, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for: a blog/youtube channel from someone roughly my age, who would share some of my skin problems (have plenty: sensitive skin, broken capilaries, circles under my eyes…the endless usual list) and who would talk/write for 10 minutes without using the word “like” 20 millions times…(I know, that really tells my age!). I had to smile when I listen to girls in their 20’s talking about concealer…That was issue n1. (Still, I have to say there’s a lot to learn from some of them).

The second thing was that most of the girls in the blogs/channels use products that are really expensive. And they have tons of them! I am amazed how a 20 yr old can afford 40$ brushes and have a whole collection of them. I understand that when you are or aim to be a professional you want to use the best products. But guess what, the best products are not always the cheapest.

For an amateur make up lover like me I don’t think you have to spend that much money to look good…

and I think I’m not alone here.

That’s why some of the posts on drugstore beauty finds are so popular I think.

So, voila! That’s why I decide to start a blog in which I aim to share my beauty and fashion finds and hopefully start a nice exchange of ideas and products with other people.